The KeyPort Pivot Frees Your Pockets Of Random Keys

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Let me set the stage here, I really like key organizers. I hate keys constantly jingling around in my pocket, especially making that annoying huge jumble in the bottom of the pocket and damaging my pants.

That is where a good key organizer comes into the picture!

This KeyPort Pivot is an awesome option for anyone looking for a great option to not only organize your keys, but also to add functionality to those keys as well!

The Pivot can hold from 2-9 keys, and can add some extremely helpful tools like knives, flashlights, multi-tools, charging cables, and so many more.

So how much does the Pivot cost?

If you are looking to upgrade your key organizer experience, the Pivot starts at an awesome price of $17.99, but then you can upgrade to either nicer versions or add on accessories of your choice.

What would I buy?

I think my build would be the following:

  • Pivot Essential Bundle
  • Pocket Flare Module
  • Pocketknife Module
  • S-Biner – Black

If you want to build your own, feel free to click the button below to learn more!

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