KeySmart Launches the new CleanLight Air PRO

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[Image courtesy of KeySmart]

KeySmart has been crazy productive this past year, with the launch of a ton of awesome, high quality clean based products like the extremely popular CleanKey, and many other products.

However I got an email from them last night regarding their newest product!

The upgraded version of the CleanLight Air, being the CleanLight Air Pro.

Of course, just like the older version it offers many features like the ability to filter out 99.99% of airborne germs, and has a light that lets you know real-time air quality.

What is upgraded?

[Image courtesy of KeySmart]

The new Pro version has some massive upgrades over the older one, as it now does not have a physical filter that has to be replaced.

The older version had an H14 Hepa Filter.

The other awesome feature, is that it is now completely cordless!

With a rechareable battery that lasts up to 4 hours, you are able to use this portable air filter during the most needed times without searching for that electrical outlet.

Where can you buy one?

Just like the rest of their products, I highly recommend you buy it straight from their website by clicking here! While it is more expensive than the original, I think the portability and usability enhancements make it a great option for those that need something like this.

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