Having a KeySmart is one of the best ways to keep your keys

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KeySmart is one of the best ways to keep your keys organized, and from becoming a mess. They more recently have also become one of the best ways to keep your keys safe, and trackable even.

I really do have start this article off though by saying I am a huge fan of these products. I personally was given one as a gift by my wife a while back, and haven’t looked back. This along with one of my coffee cups, tends to be carried by me constantly.

Keysmart comparison, before and after
KeySmart Pro, compared to not having a KeySmart [Image courtesy of KeySmart]

So what is a KeySmart?

At its basics, it is two thin slabs of metal, that are connect on each end by pins that go through the end of your keys. Each key then can be swiveled out of the “sandwich” of keys to then be used at any time.

It take a bit of getting used to, however over time you begin to get a feel for where each key is, and you can use each key, even in the dark.

KeySmart Original
I personally have this one, the original [Image courtesy of KeySmart]

KeySmart is getting smarter.

Now I must say, mine is the original red KeySmart, and doesn’t have many of the frills that come with others.

However there are plenty of ways to spruce up your product. There are accessories including knives, bottle openers, screwdrivers, rulers and more that can be added to any KeySmart.

Rotating Gif of KeySmart Pro
The KeySmart Pro is great for those who need to keep track of their keys [Gif courtesy of KeysMart]

You can also purchase other versions of the this as well. These version can be leather, a rugged style, some different special editions, and even a KeySmart PRO that has Tile built into the unit, and is completely trackable, never to lose your keys again.

What else does KeySmart sell

KeySmart has began to also move into other markets for daily carry as well. This includes these backpacks and wallets.

They also have some awesome products like the CleanTray, and CleanKey to keep clean.


I personally believe this product is perfect for about anyone. If you have more than two keys, you could probably use one of these.

One thing I have to mention from experience, is you get weird looks from security guards everywhere… as this does kinda look like a knife. However after a quick inspection, I have never run into any real problems.

KeySmart Rugged being held by man in camo
The KeySmart Rugged is great for those that are out hunting or hiking all the time [Image courtesy of KeySmart]

The great thing, is with the accessories you can personalize it to your needs, and becomes more than just your keys. It keeps much of your daily carry items in one place.

All of this at a price that is pretty reasonable. The most expensive unit is under $50, and the standard one is around $20. This is a pretty low cost when it changes how you handle keys.

To find more key organizers like this one, make sure to read through this article here that details the best of the best.

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