KeySmart launches CleanKey to help you avoid germy surfaces

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With most of the country in lockdowns or stay-at-home orders in place, consumers are not only staying home more, but also avoiding germ-infested areas when they do have to go outside of the house for essentials like grocery shopping.

But nothing feels quite as eery as seeing people with face masks in stores and then having to touch a giant touchscreen at the self-checkout stand at Walmart or Target. Did they sanitize those things since the last person used it? Who knows…

KeySmart aims to solve that problem during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond with their newest product the CleanKey.

[Logo courtesy of Keysmart]

What is CleanKey by KeySmart?

Made from antimicrobial brass, this hand tool does just about all the dirty work for you (now if only it did my dishes, too…). You can use it like a stylus for touchscreens, such as self-checkouts at the store, pushing buttons like in the elevator, and even opening certain door handles with the hook feature.

And last but not least, of course it’s designed to easily fit on your KeySmart, keychain or carabiner.

At $24.99, this might just be the cheapest (and most useful) thing you can buy while binge-shopping while you’re stuck at home.

Check out KeySmart’s video below showcasing some of the different functionalities and features.

Keep reading: If you think the CleanKey is awesome, they also make the CleanTray, and the Nano Stylus.

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