KeySmart Max Review: The Biggest Change To KeySmart Yet

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I have been using KeySmart’s of some sort for years at this point! However this is the biggest change to a KeySmart yet. With the KeySmart Max, they take the PRO version, and basically beef it up, to become considerably better than ever before.

Before we get into what has changed, what is the KeySmart MAX? The KeySmart Max is a key organizer, however unlike many others, it has Tile built in. Which means you can easily track your keys with your smartphone. Meaning if you lose them, or they are stolen, you can locate them.

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So what has changed, and why is it better?

  • Both plates on the KeySmart have tech in them, making it slimmer, and sleeker than the original PRO.
  • It has Double the battery life. The PRO version had 30 days, while the Max has up to 60 days. Meaning you can keep track of your keys easier.
  • A New profile. The previous KeySmarts would dip in the middle, however the Max changes that. This allows for more technology to be built into the little key organizer.

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Where can you buy it?

At the time of this writing, you aren’t able to purchase it quite yet (probably the next couple days)! However we’ll update with a link to the product as soon as it is available.

It would make an awesome Christmas present! I know I have enjoyed my KeySmart Rugged, and previously the Original for years.

UPDATE: It is now live! Click the button below to see pricing, and to purchase your KeySmart Max.

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