This Messenger Bag From KeySmart Is Also 3 Other Things

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Messenger bags are awesome, they always seem to be the right side, perfectly fit laptops and so much more. I personally have a messenger bag, and take it with me whenever a laptop is in need.

However if you were to ask me right now which messenger bag I would really want, it would be the Urban Hybrid Messenger Bag by KeySmart.

Yes, KeySmart does make my favorite key organizer, but they also make a wide range of other products that are great for on-the-go.

So what is the Urban Hybrid Messenger Bag?

Let’s first start with the Hybrid portion of the name. Once look at the bag, and it obviously is a messenger bag, but is that getting on your nerves? Well, it can also be a briefcase, backpack, and even a shoulder bag.

The bag is also water resistant, can fit a 16″ laptop, and has over 20 different pockets to put a range of different things.

The specific dimensions of the bag are 15.875″ wide by 2.125″ deep and 13.75 high.

Where can you buy it?

KeySmart sells it directly on their website (click button below) for a little under $240, or you can always buy it here for the same price as well.

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