Konig 1.0 In-Person Review: Is it the best smart safe?

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This gun safe is quite special to me here on this site, as the GunBox 2.0 was the first product ever reviewed on this website. Back then, I gave a few harsh comments around the fact that the gas struts had issues with opening intermittently, and it annoyed me that they split the keypad GunBox 2.0 and the Fingerprint GunBox 2.0 into two different units, rather than having both technologies in one safe.

Now here we are almost five years later, and we have their latest version! Not only has the company’s name changed from GunBox to Konig, but it seems my review may have struck a chord, as they resolved the gas strut issue, and they combined both units into one.

So, let’s dig into the comprehensive review of the Konig 1.0, and see if this safe is considerably better than it used to be and if it is worth your hard-earned money!

Why did they change their name to Konig? This safe used to be named the GunBox 2.0 (and the smaller unit the GunBox Echo), however, the name has been changed to the Konig 1.0 (and the Konig Jr for the smaller version). The company found that many of the purchasers of their safe were using it for items other than firearms, and instead are using it for electronics, cash, and other valuables. Because of this, having the word “Gun” didn’t make sense, and they proceeded to change the name.

What is the Konig 1.0?

Konig Home
  • Lock: Keypad, Fingerprint, RFID
  • Dimensions: 2.7" High by 10" Wide by 11.6" Deep
  • Steel: N/A (Aluminum)
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: ‎5.63 pounds
  • It looks high-end, and high quality
  • Many ways to access the safe
  • No phone access
  • Anchor cable not included
See Price: Konig Home
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The Konig 1.0 is one of the first high-quality gun safes on the market. Its aluminum body is a rare occurrence, but it is still quite hefty and a strong unit. You can access the safe (which opens on its own with gas struts) in three different ways, RFID, fingerprint (aka biometric), and keypad.

This is a mountable safe and includes mounting points (not completely drilled through) for mounting it to your nightstand (or anywhere you want).

If mountain the safe isn’t your thing, you can tether it with a cable (not included). The Konig 1.0 also has charging ports for charging devices, and internal LED light. You can also keep track of the safe, and any tampering that may take place via the company’s proprietary application.

GunBox 2.0 vs Konig 1.0: What is the difference?

If you have been a long-time reader of this website, you might have read my review of the GunBox 2.0. Doesn’t that sound like you? Here is a link to that article. So what has changed since that safe?

  1. They have combined the keypad and biometric version of the safe into one, meaning you now have three ways to access the safe, rather than just one.
  2. The fingerprint scanner has changed from one that takes an image of your fingerprint and has been improved to now recognizing the ridges and valleys of your fingerprint. This makes it quicker, more reliable, and more secure.
  3. They seem to have better quality control around their gas struts, as the safe opens no problem now.

What do I like about it?

1. Styling

While an automotive-style paint finish is common in the full-size gun safe market, it is all but forgotten when it comes to pistol safes. However, it wasn’t forgotten in this safe. The paint finish on these safes is by far the best on the market and is the only safe that looks at home on a countertop, desk, or anywhere you might want to keep it available.

Its sleek styling also doubles as a diversion, as most intruders will be looking for a gun safe, and this looks more like an electronic than storage. That said, you should always have it tethered or bolted down, and not rely on this as a safety measure.

2. Points of access

You have to respect any gun safe that offers so many different ways to access the safe. With this new generation of Konig safe, you have access via keypad, and fingerprint (which is awesome). However, you also have access via RFID in the form of either a key fob or a credit card-style key.

Each of these can be kept on your person at any time, and it means you don’t have to worry about remembering a code to access your safe (or if you need someone to access the safe other than you).

3. Build quality

At a base price of almost $300 you better hope that the build quality of this safe is par none, and thankfully it is. The aluminum body feels awesome, the painted finishes are done well, the interior is well-built and the gas struts are high quality.

I think the only complaint is the button (which doubles as their logo), which does feel a bit cheaper than it should be, especially since it is a high touch point.

What don’t I like about it?

Lack of phone access

As we will learn in a moment, the main competition to the Konig 1.0 offers access to the box via a phone application (anywhere in the world). I think if this capability was available for the Konig 1.0, it would cement itself as the best pistol safe on the market.

Konig is launching an application soon to notify you of tamper alerts and other items. However, I have a hunch they might release this feature soon when that application gets debugged, but we will have to see and will adjust this review accordingly on that.

It doesn’t come with an anchor cable

One of the main ways you will be securing this safe is via a cable. The safe is equipped with the ability to use a cable, however, the newest safe does not come with one. This is a bit strange, as the old version did come with a cable. Anyways, this isn’t a huge detractor, as you can buy one right here on the cheap!

Main Competition

The main competition to the Konig 1.0 is the same as it was five years ago. Vaultek continues to be neck-and-neck with Konig. While the Konig 1.0 is a much nicer-looking unit and looks at home on the counter top, the comparable Vaultek VS10 offers a little more functionality, such as a physical key lock, phone access, and a nano key.

In the end, if you are looking for the most features, but don’t care about style, the Vaultek is a great bet. However, if you are looking for something that is much, much nicer aesthetically, but nearly as usable, the Konig 1.0 is perfect for you.


The Konig 1.0 is a great pistol safe, and it offers many access options for those who are looking for the added convenience of unlocking their safe with minimal effort. The build quality is excellent, and the styling is second to none regardless of price range.

However, I think the lack of phone access will turn off some users, as this is a feature that the competition does offer. Still, if you are looking for a great-looking pistol safe with plenty of access options and good build quality, I can highly recommend the Konig 1.0.

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