Reviewing the Liberty Safe’s Centurion Series: The Entry Level Safe

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The Centurion series is a widely popular entry model safe made by Liberty Safe in Payson, Utah. This safe can be seen in many larger store chains, and most people probably know someone with this safe.

Liberty Centurion in Garage
While the Centurion isn’t as high end looking as the more expensive safes, it still fits in in other places [Image courtesy of Liberty]

This safe comes in 3 sizes, the Centurion 12 (18.25″ wide), 18 (24.25″ wide), and 24 (28.25″ wide).

The naming of each series reflects the long gun capacity of the safe.

However, is this safe really all its cracked up to be? Let’s review the specs.

Centurion Series Specifications

Centurion with door open, and closed
Centurion 24 with doors open and closed [Image courtesy of Liberty]
  • Bolts: 10 locking bars
  • Steel Thickness: 14 gauge
  • Locking Bolt Type: Locking bars
  • Fire Rating: 1200 degrees / 30 minutes
  • Hinge Type: External Hinges

The Liberty Centurion Series safe comes with 10 bolts on the complete series, whether it is the smaller 12 or the larger 24. However this is a very different style of locking bars, as they are flat military style locking bars, instead of the normal round locking bolts.

The reason for this actually makes sense, as this allows for more surface area to be attached to the safe, and will better distribute any force that is applied to it.

The steel thickness of this safe is a bit lacking, as it competes with many entry level imports like Cannon, and Stack-On at a 14 gauge steel thickness. This causes an issue for me, as 12 gauge is generally where I would start on a decent safe, and there are plenty to be found in the import arena.

With a fire rating of 1200 degrees, at 30 minutes this safe should be able to handle any small home fire. However for larger homer fires, or poorly placed safes where a fire will burn the hottest, this may not be a good choice.

Competition for Liberty’s Entry Level Safe

If a USA made safe is what you are searching for, but are on a budget, the Liberty Centurion may be just what you are looking for. As it will be difficult to find another quality long gun safe starting under $600. However if you are open to an import safe, there are a few competitors worth lookin at. Below are a couple possible options to take a look at:

  • Format EL19 – This safe is a 12 gauge series safe, with a 45 minute fire rating. This will be slightly more than the Centurion but features a bit better security.
  • Winchester Bandit 9 – With a bit smaller capacity than the standard Centurion 12, it does come with a bit better fire rating of 45 minutes.
  • SecureIt Tactical Agile Model 52 – While not being a traditional gun safe. For the price, the Model 52 is a lightweight 12 gauge, quality safe/cabinet. It doesn’t have a fire rating, however with its modular interior it far makes up for it. This is also rated as one of my favorite Modular Gun Safes.

So is this safe worth it?

Liberty Centurion 18 with its door open and closed
Centurion 18 with its door open and closed [Image courtesy of Liberty]

For me personally, the Liberty Safe Centurion would be a bit of a pass. While Liberty’s higher end products are class defining. The Centurion series just doesn’t stack up against the import competition. For a little bit more, 12 gauge steel, better fire rating, and better capacity can be achieved. Or for a similar price, one of the above 3 can be purchased that have better characteristics.

This by no means to disregard Liberty Safes completely. Liberty is building some solid, good quality safes in pretty much any series above the Centurion.

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