Liberty’s Military Style Locking Bars: Explanation and Thoughts

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Liberty Safes Locking Bars

Liberty safes has been the big name in the gun safe industry for many many years. This year (2018) marks a huge transition for Liberty that I am very interested to see if the rest of the industry follows or rejects.

Liberty has began producing their complete line of safes and vault doors with a patented Military Style locking bars.

What is a Locking Bar?

The military style locking bar is very similar to standard locking bolts, where it retracts into the door when open, but when closed it keeps the door secure by being put behind the door frame.

However the difference is that the locking bars are flat instead of round, what this allows for is much more surface area to be used on the frame of the door.

Close up of the Military Style Locking Bar [Image courtesy of Liberty]

My thoughts on locking bars

If you think about it, round locking bolts only contact the door at the small point of the round bolt, this could be as little surface area as the point of a pen.

What this means is all of the force of a pry attack will be on that smallest point and will fail much quicker. However Liberty’s new locking bars allow for that same force to be distributed through 4 inches per bar instead.

Please note that the steel thickness of these locking bars vary depending on what series you get

I will be very interested to see if this begins a new trend.

Even their vault doors use the new locking bars [Image courtesy of Liberty]

Want to learn more about Liberty safes? Check out this article about things you may not know about them. Or you can always take a look at the Liberty overview.

Unfortunately now that these locking bars are standard, if for some reason you want the old ones, your best bet will probably be finding a used one! Check out this article to see if a used safe is right for you.

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2 thoughts on “Liberty’s Military Style Locking Bars: Explanation and Thoughts”

  1. Is Liberty going to offer a trade in or will they be able to offer Liberty safe owners an option to have military locking bars replace old style bolt style safe doors??

    1. Hey Scott,

      I reached out directly to Liberty about your question. They unfortunately don’t have any specific plan to do any form of trade-in program. However I would recommend reaching out to your local Liberty Safes Dealer. Visit this link here, and put in your zip code. That should get you the best contact to ask this!

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