7 Easy Steps To Make Great Moka Pot Coffee

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This is actually a more recent type of coffee for me, however it is truly delicious.

The coffee from a Moka Pot is somewhere in between drip coffee, and espresso. So it results in a great cup of coffee, especially after adding some frothed milk.

The Moka Pot is a great look for any kitchen, and is very distinctive in design. It also works awesome as conversation piece, as more and more people move more to just a coffee machine.

Below is how I personally make my Moka Pot coffee!

What you need

  • Moka Pot
  • Water Kettle
  • Coffee Grounds
Moka Pots have a very cool distinctive design

1. Boil some water separately

Boiling water separately means you won’t cook the coffee too much and cause it to become bitter. Once the water boils, go ahead and put it right in the base of the Moka Pot.

2. Put coffee into the filter basket

After putting the filter basket on top of the Moka Pot base, put coffee into the basket and fill it to the brim. You won’t want to mess too much with the amount of coffee in this, as you need to fill the basket either way. Don’t compress the coffee, just level it out.

3. Twist the Moka Pot top piece on

Make sure to have an oven mitt, and hold the base of the Moka Pot while spinning the top of the Moka Pot onto the threads, as it will be hot from the previous boiling water.

PRO TIP: After writing up this how-to, I learned what happens if you don’t screw the top piece onto the base quite tight enough. Basically it is not able to build up pressure, and won’t be able to brew the coffee.

Because of this, it will start to burn the coffee and mess up the whole brew. Even if you fix it after noticing your mistake, it will then brew far too quickly and won’t extract correctly.

So, make sure you tighten it enough, but not too much!

4. Place Moka Pot on the burner

After placing the Moka Pot on the burner, keep an eye on it. In a minute or so, the coffee will begin to gain pressure and flow up into the container.

5. Put the base of the unit under cold water

Once the Moka Pot starts to gurgle and spit out air, quickly take it off the stove and put the base of the unit under cold water. This helps the unit stop brewing and heating up the grounds.

I found that this step is super imperative, as if you don’t do this it continues to brew and gives you a bitter taste.

6. Serve your coffee

My unit tends to give me 2 decent cups of coffee, so I put my second serving into my Yeti Tumbler to keep it nice and warm while I drink my first cup.

7. Clean your unit

As always, make sure to keep your coffee tools clean! Some people say you shouldn’t do this on a Moka Pot and should be seasoned like a cast iron skillet. Personally, I think it is worth cleaning.


Moka Pots make a great cup of coffee if you do it right! If you don’t, then it can cause a metallic and bitter taste. I hope with these directions it helps you enjoy this very cool, and fun way to make coffee.

If the Moka pot isn’t quite what you want to do. You may want to look into another pressure style coffee maker, the Aeropress.

Not everyone has to make coffee out of a coffee maker, and this is a great, and over all simple way to make it a different way.

Because of the price range, and usability, many people like to cross shop the Moka Pot with the French Press, if this is you, definitely read this article about both of those compared.

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