Monte Milk Art Cups By Fellow Products Make Latte Art That Much Easier

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Fellow products makes some of my favorite coffee accessories right now, and one of their new coffee cups has intrigued me!

The Monty Milk Art Cups look awesome, and is super functional for home and if you own a coffee shop. Also, would be perfect to go with their Carter Everywhere Mug I also wrote about here.

My favorite part of the cups in general are how they look (much like all of Fellow Product’s coffee items). They all have the semi-gloss white or black scheme, and all work together really well. The white has a bronze bottom, and the black cup has a standard black bottom.

Main Features of this cup!

The Monty Milk Art Cups feature something they call “Latte Art Fluid Dynamics”. Basically the bottom of the cup has a slope to it which brings the crema back up to the top of the cup. This makes latte art a ton easier!

[Image courtesy of Fellow Products]

Double Walled Ceramic

The cup also features a double walled ceramic exterior/interior. Basically this means that the cup is going to keep you coffee or hot cocoa super warm for a long period of time!

This is because it doesn’t have nearly as much of the outside temperature making it’s way through the walls to your drink.

Comes in 4 sizes

The Monty Milk Art Cups come in four different sizes. The 11 ounce which is meant for Lattes, the Cappuccino version is 6.5 ounces, the Cortado is 4.5 ounces, and they even have a set of 2, 3.0 ounce cups they use for Demitasses.


Surprisingly, not many cups out there are able to stack onto each other. With these cups, no matter what, they will stack with each other! That means the 11 ounce, will be able to stack onto the 4.5 ounce.

So what do these cups cost?

These cups are a bit expensive, but definitely seem to be worth the cost. They look awesome, and have the added function of being great for making latte art.

Below are the different costs for these cups!

  • 11 Ounce – $25.00
  • 6.5 Ounce – $20.00
  • 4.5 Ounce – $15.00
  • 3 Ounce (set of 2) – $30.00
[Image courtesy of Fellow Products]


  • Look really cool
  • Great for latte art
  • Both color options are nice


  • Wish they came with lids for on-the-go
  • A little expensive


I think these cups are a bit more positioned towards a coffee shop purchasing them as a great investment, however they are also perfect for those who really enjoy making a great cup of coffee at home.

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