Mossy Oak 44 Gun Safe: A Cool Interior, Great Value Security Box

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I recently stumbled upon a gun safe I had never seen before, and thought it would be a great safe to feature! The Mossy Oak 44 Gun Safe is one cool safe, with some great features.

It is pretty standard import safe on the specs side, as it has a 12 gauge (or 11 gauge depending on where you look), it has a SecuRAM E-lock, and an impressive 90 minute fire rating.

Now, while the specifications are overall pretty standard, there are a couple things that I think they have done right with this safe.

You can find more specific specs further down on the page, however I felt that talking about what makes this safe really stand out would be more beneficial to talk about first.

The Interior

The interior of this safe is probably the biggest differentiator to really any other gun safe. While I have seen other safes with many of these features, not in this budget of a safe, as well as not all together in one.

Slide out system

This isn’t the first safe I have seen with a slide out system, as you can also find them in the Summit Safes, as well as Reed Custom Safes. However at a budget like this safe has, it is an awesome feature.

The only other safe manufacturer I can think of in this class is Rhino with their swing out rack that they put in the Kodiak and Bighorn safes. However I think this slide out system is probably better overall.

It basically has three different gun racks that are on sliders. Then either 1, 2, or 3 of the racks can be pulled out at a time, meaning you don’t have to reach around rifles to get them out, or hit one rifle into another.

This is a great innovation that I think more manufacturers should use.

More storage for rifles horizontal in the back

I am surprised that I haven’t seen this feature in another gun safe. However I’m sure it is because you wouldn’t normally have this space available when you have normal u-shaped racks in a gun safe.

Having storage built into the back wall allows you to fit a couple extra rifles back there in the middle top of the safe.

Unfortunately I don’t think those rifles will be easily accessible, however I would just keep the ones you don’t normally use back there.

Door panel can handle rifles on the bottom

This feature is reminiscent of what Browning does with their DPX door system, and is something I have seen before. I just think it is great to see how all the rifle storage systems in this safe work together to maximize the space.

The one downside that the Browning has that this has fixed, is the Browning sometimes has the rifles on the door hit the rifles on the floor if you aren’t careful. However I am sure this isn’t an issue, as you have the sliders in this safe, so each rifle has its place.

LED Lighting included – Motion activated

Yes, yes I know, so many safes out there have this feature. However in the price range that this safe has, it is great to see, and really didn’t need to be there to still be a great safe.

Other great features

Now of course there are other great features that this safe has that aren’t just specific to the aesthetics, so let’s dig into that.

Heat and water seal

Now this is something you don’t really see at all. With only a few safes having a water rating, it’s great to see this small but important addition. Based off what I can find it is rated at 72 hours, but not quite sure on how long that will be.

It’s a nice feature to have, but I wouldn’t exactly test it. I think this is more to be able to protect the interior if you have to spray water on it after a fire.

Power in the top of the safe

Lot’s of safes out there have power, however this safe is a bit different, as its power outlet is at the top of the safe. I had never honestly thought about this until I saw this safe, however this small aspect actually makes a lot of sense.

You are going to keep most of your stuff in the top, so why not have the power up there as well.

Features of the safe

  • Locking mechanism: SecuRAM Electronic Lock
  • Steel thickness: 12 gauge (or 11 gauge)
  • Fire rating: 90 Minutes at 1400 degrees
  • Security Features: 
  • Warranty: 5 Years for the products, and 1 year on the lock
  • Aesthetics: 5 spoke handle, cool corner steel things
  • Additional Features: LED Lighting, slide out racks, door panel for rifles and accessories, rear of safe gun storage


  • External Dimensions: 72” High by 44” Wide by (Unknown Depth)
  • Internal Dimensions: 68” High by 39.7” Wide 20.2” Deep
  • Weight: 1354 pounds

Who makes the Mossy Oak gun safe

Now this is an interesting fact! If you didn’t know, many of the imported safes are actually made by the same companies in China. Based off a comment I found on Tractor Supply’s website, it appears this safe is actually made by Safewell gun safes out of China.

It doesn’t appear this safe is an off the line safe, and is actually a completely custom safe specific to Mossy Oak which is really cool, as that isn’t really normal.


  • Great security and functionality value to the dollar
  • Looks really cool
  • Thick steel
  • Has a lot of aesthetic upgrades over other safes
  • Perfect for rifle collectors


  • Warranty is not lifetime, which is really what the standard for a safe should be
  • Not much storage for anything other than rifles on the bottom of the safe


This safe offers a ton of features, and I’m surprised I haven’t heard of it before now. I think the main part that sets it apart though is the interior, if this is important to you and you need something under $2000 then this is probably the safe for you.

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