Mustang Now Best Sold Sports Car In The World

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You have probably already known that the Mustang is one of the best sold sports coupes on the market today, however after 5 years of holding that title, it now just gains the title of the world’s best sports car now as well!

[Image courtesy of Ford]

From 2015 until 2019 they sold 633,000 units, and a total of 102,090 in Mustang alone.

The sales of course are pushed by the massive growth of their Mustang lineup like the Shelby GT500, and GT350.

The Mustang GT is also a great value to horsepower as well, meaning they are able to get sales both from the high end, and low end of sports cars.

Also now that they have been selling more in Europe, this doubled with the many different offerings, means a lot more sports cars sold!

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