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I Own The Ninja Coffee Bar: It’s AWESOME

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Ninja Coffee Bar review
Woohoo, Ninja Coffee bar caption!

The Ninja Coffee Bar with the metal carafe is probably one of my favorite and most used pieces of gear that I use.

In an age where the Keurig is all the rage, I was on a hunt for the best coffee maker under $100.

After lots of searching, and checking reviews I landed on this coffee maker, it did everything I wanted, and did it well.

The Coffee Bar has settings for 4 different sizes. Cup, travel size, half carafe and full carafe. In the cup setting, it is perfect for my Yeti mug.

With each of those it comes with multiple coffee types, regular, rich, iced coffee, and specialty coffee (although specialty only works with cup and travel size).

This thing quickly makes whatever type of coffee I use into a delicious cup that I enjoy daily.

I personally use Folgers to keep cost low, and it can even make a budget brand coffee like that tase delicious.

My Favorite Coffee Modes

I have two different modes that I use the most!

So many settings on the Ninja Bar
So many different options, don’t worry they aren’t too hard to get used to

1. Rich Brew

With the rich Brew setting I usually will put 3 Ninja scoops ( yes it comes with a scooper) into the coffee filter.

Then I put it to the single cup setting and hit the rich Brew button.

From there it brews and awesome rich cup of coffee that I am able to add milk to without losing the bold taste that I want.

The drip stop keeps things clean
The drip stop keeps things from making a mess

2. Specialty Brew

This setting is my other most used setting.

I like this setting as being used on the travel size, even though I put it into a cup.

Once I have the cup on the stand I will put 4 scoops of coffee into the filter, and hit the specialty Brew setting.

While it is brewing the coffee, milk is put into the milk frother and microwaved for 60 seconds.

After heated it is frothed, and then combined with the coffee that will finish shortly after that.

In this mode, if I want to shake it up, I’ll add some chocolate syrup to the coffee before making it all together.

Other great features I like are

  • It has a drip stop, that you just slide over and keeps it from making a mess after removing your cup.
  • The machine like many others can be programmed to brew at a specific time.
  • It looks nice!

What does the coffee maker come with?

The coffee maker comes with everything you need except for the coffee, and the filters!

The Ninja Coffee Bar insulated carafe works awesome
The carafe is of great quality

This means multiple papers explaining the machine, a how-to guide (that actually is super useful and I still glance at a year later) , the frother, and the carafe!

Once unboxed, you should be set to go!

Ninja Bar frother
I really like the frother, works awesome

How much does it cost?

The machine cost me a little under $100 with everything all said and done. With other coffee makers at about this price, it really is a good deal.

You can’t beat the value in my mind.

Where can you buy it?

There are a couple different things I use! All of them I bought from Walmart.

With that, happy coffee making!


There are so many coffee makers out on the market today! This is the one I chose, and have, but you should definitely look at this article to see all of your different options.

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