The Oru Kayak “The Haven” Is The On-The-Go Tandem Kayak

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We are finally into spring, and before we know it, it is Kayaking season! Whats the one downside to kayaking? Transporting…

Oru Kayak has your back on that though!

With their folding design, they are easily transportable and can be taken with you in so many vehicles other than just a pickup or on the top of your roof.

Today, we are featuring the Oru Kayak “The Haven”. This Kayak is built as their largest offering, and is a tandem kayak.

If you are on your own though, it can be converted easily into a non-tandem kayak (yeah don’t judge me ).

It also includes adjustable footrests, seat pads, and an integrate track system that can handle fishing rods, cup holders and more.

At 16 feet long, only 40 pounds and assembly in under 15 minutes, it is easy to take with you, and easy to use.


If you don’t want some thing quite this big, the Inlet is a great option as well. With its much more compact design, it can be put together in under 5 minutes. You can read more about that in this article.

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