The Oru Inlet is a foldable kayak for those on the go

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Kayaking is a ton of fun, I personally have a couple of them, and we really enjoy getting to go out on the lake that we live nearby. However, the main downside to this, is that it is just a crazy pain to get them ready to go on the lake. The Oru Inlet Kayak changes all of that, and this is why!

Foldable Oru Inlet side view
The Oru Inlet is really a great looking product [Image courtesy of Oru]

The new Inlet by Oru Kayak is a foldable (yes a foldable) kayak. It folds up into a box that is 40″ by 12″ by 20″, and is just a measly 20 pounds. For those of you who have kayaked before, that is an amazing feat.

Oh, and it isn’t hard to be ready to kayak with it’s 10 foot length, as it only takes about 2-3 minutes completely fold out.

Cool Inlet Gif folding out
With a super easy folding process, it’s easy to get in the water [Gif courtesy of Oru]

This Kayak is made of 5mm double-layered custom-extruded polypropylene, and has a 10-year UV treatment.

As of this writing, the Inlet is on Kickstarter, however the estimated price looks to be $850.00 when it goes to retail. Personally, I think this is a great price, and I’ll explain if you continue to read!

Don’t want to wait? They have larger versions of this kayak as well, like the Tandem Kayak call the Haven.

Quick Specs of the Oru Inlet:

  • Weight – 20 lbs
  • Length – 10 feet
  • Width – 30 inches
  • Folded Up Box Size – 40 inches by 12 inches by 20 inches
Inlet backpack
The Inlet can be folded up into a backpack like this [Image courtesy of Oru]

What does a foldable Kayak solve

The Inlet opens kayaking up to the masses

One of the hard things about kayaking is getting them where you wanted to go. I personally use the bed of my truck to transport mine. Don’t have a truck? I guess roof racks are the best option. Don’t have roof racks? Well… no kayaking for you.

The Inlet solves this problem. As long as you can fit a box the size of the inlet (40 inches by 12 inches by 20 inches) then you can go kayaking. This opens up kayaking to people in cities, or those that just have smaller cars, or SUVs that don’t have roof racks.

The Oru Inlet could save you money

Having a Kayak that folds up is kinda like having a modular gun safe, where you you don’t have to waste your money on transporting the thing. You don’t have to buy a truck, roof racks, or other accessories, and instead spend the money on buying a quality product.

You Can take this kayak where others can’t

Another pain of normal kayaks is taking them places that vehicles can’t. Places off the beaten path, that you have always wanted to take your kayak now are attainable.

Inlet folded up and aout
The Inlet is perfect for those on the go, easily being able to fold up into a box [Image courtesy of Oru]

So who is this kayak for

The Inlet would be perfect for those that know they enjoy kayaking, but just want more versatility. And for all the reasons detailed above.

Who is this kayak not for?

I wouldn’t really recommend this kayak for people that don’t know if they want to kayak yet. If you have never gone, maybe try renting a normal kayak at a local lake. There are plenty of places like that out there!

If after you know you enjoy kayaking, and are sure you will use it. This Kayak would then be perfect for you again.


While Oru Kayaks like the Inlet may not be for everyone, they would be perfect for many many others.

Make sure to check out Oru’s website to learn more about all of the Kayaks they have.

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