The Oru Beach LT Is The Perfect Beginner’s Foldable Kayak

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It’s the middle of summer when I’m writing this article, and being right off of a large lake makes us constantly think about where and how can we get on the lake.

The hardest thing continues to be the massive work it takes to get out there! Especially when it comes to a kayak.

With Oru though, its that much easier! I have featured these in the past, but always like to introduce a different version to you.

This one is the Oru Beach LT!

The aptly named Beach version is a single seater foldable Kayak that works well for lakes, and easier paddles! This version is perfect for the beginner or day trips.

It’s easily assembled in under 10 minutes after some practice, and is durable enough to be folded up to 20,000 times…. if you reach that many times Kayaking, I’m impressed and have complete respect for you. Also, you probably aren’t a beginner anymore.

So how much does it cost?

Oru Kayaks’ are by no means cheap, but their innovative technology is definitely worth it! The Beach LT retails on Oru’s website for $1199.00.

Want something a little less expensive? The new Inlet might be your solution.

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