The Prismo Is The Perfect Addition To The Aeropress

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Fellow Products has been making some of my favorite coffee accessories lately! When looking at their site, I stumbled upon this really cool Aeropress add-on! Yes, I know, you thought the Aeropress was already perfect, but you might want to take a look at the Prismo.

So what does the Prismo do?

The Prismo does two very distinct things that make the Aeropress so much easier to use, and allows for a lot more flexibility in your usage.

1. Allows for a buildup of pressure

Espresso coffee has to have a build up of pressure, and the Prismo gives just that extra amount of pressure to give you that Espresso taste.

You follow all of the same steps for making a standard Aeropress coffee, and you can learn those steps in this article I wrote here.

2. Creates a no drip seal for a full immersion brew

Immersion brew coffee is a very different style of coffee than most people are used to. It is a more full bodied coffee and is really quite delicious.

It used to be that you could make immersion brew coffee in an Aeropress, but it required tipping the unit over, and just wasn’t as good of an answer.

With the Prismo, it gives the Aeropress an air-tight spot to sit and be immersed in the coffee for the amount of time needed without causing a mess.

Who is this Prismo for?

I would highly recommend anyone that has an Aeropress to get one of these. It is so easy to use, and expands the usage of what you can do with your existing Aeropress. If you want normal Aeropress coffee, just take it off your unit.

The Prismo probably won’t be for those that don’t currently have an Aeropress. As well… you need one to use it. But it could be something you buy at the same time as the coffee maker!


If you are a fan of coffee, and enjoy getting to make different styles of coffee, you should have an Aeropress, if you have an Aeropress you need a Prismo.

As always, I really enjoy the products that Fellow Products makes, and this one is no different. It is a very different idea, and many people will find it is awesome for them.

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