Installing A Console Vault: Making My Old Ram Truck Secure

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First Impressions of the Console Vault

I always enjoy getting safes in the mail from Fedex, mainly because I know the guy who delivers them, so I like making him carry heavy stuff. The other reason is because this time it meant getting my very first Console Vault for my 2003 Dodge Ram 1500, I have had this truck for a little while now, and it was time to add a good pistol safe.

Many of the options out there just don’t quite cut it, as there really isn’t any where good to put them! That is where this Console Vault comes in.

Please note before starting up this review, that this Console Vault was sent to me as a review unit from Console Vault. All opinions in this piece are my own.

Unboxing the Console Vault

First time picking up the package from my front door, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the package was actually quite hefty. The tag states 12 pounds, and I would believe that. At 12 gauge steel this thing is pretty thick steel for a pistol vault (this is pretty thick for this category).

Once opening that package, I found the vehicle safe wrapped in an excessive amount of bubble wrap and corner foam. After sifting through all of the bubble wrap, I was able to pull the safe out of the box by pulling up on the plastic bag that contains the vault. Thankfully after pulling it out of the bag I found that there wasn’t damage to the product (phew).

After looking over the product, I noticed that the quality of the product was very good, there weren’t any weird welds, or quality control issues. The lid sprang opened well after turning the lock, and the 4 digit code worked like a charm.

I am very impressed with this product so far! Check out below for some photos of what I found!

Console Vault from the top
This Console Vault has a great sturdy paint
My Console Vault has the 4-digit Combi-Cam lock
Samsung Galaxy S9 to show size
Not much room there to get anything to pry on this!

Check out the unboxing of this thing below!

Console Vault Installation

The installation of this built in pistol box was a breeze. I was able to do the whole install in about 10 minutes with talking about it. The hardest part of the whole thing was getting my factory bolts out, as my truck is 15 years old and these had never been removed.

Check out the install video below! I had never installed one of these until this video, so it gives a pretty good idea of what it will be like if you need to.

What do I like about this Console Vault?

  • The construction of this safe was well done
  • Its heavy duty
  • Its hidden from view underneath of my seat
  • I’m confident that it would take someone a long time to gain access if someone broke into my vehicle
  • I can finally feel good about leaving any valuables in my truck
  • The Console Vault has quick access if needed

Check out below for what it looked like after installation!

The Console Vault 1040 looks considerably better than what this factory storage container looked like
Adding the console vault did not cut down on my storage space much

Final Thoughts on the Console Vault

At the time of this posting this Console Vault for my 2003 Dodge Ram runs for $269.00. This is a great value to me, and gives me piece of mind that my valuables will be okay when I leave my truck parked.

I am also confident that this will be a great selling point for my truck when/if I decide to sell my truck. I believe it will more than pay for itself at that point.

There really isn’t anything I dislike about this safe, and highly recommend it to anyone!

What would I have done differently? I would have brought a longer screw driver… mine was too short and made it hard to get out the old bolts.

If for some reason Console Vault doesn’t make a vault for your vehicle, check out my buying guide for more info on purchasing something that may work!

Do you like the console vault, but wish it was portable? Check out the Console Vault Transporter, it is a similar product but is portable. Or take a look at this list of best gun safes for your truck.

Another great way to stay “safe” is to add blind spot mirrors to your truck.

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