Browning PV500 Pistol Vault: A Heavy Duty Pistol Safe

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The PV500 is the second smallest option pistol vault that Browning makes. And is the smallest of the heavier duty style (non-portable) safes. It has great quality and some good locking options. However is a bit clunky when compared to some of its competitors.

Favorite feature about this safe

My favorite feature about this safe is actually does not have anything to do with the security of the safe. It actually is the fact that there is a backup for the battery!

While a lot of safes have a battery for the electronic keypad like this one, they don’t have a 9V contact just in case that battery dies.

This is a two prong port on that top of the safe, where you can place a 9V battery to the face of the safe, and it will give the safe battery so that the safe’s keypad can be operable even if the internal battery has died.

This is a pretty great feature that I wish I could see on other safes out there!

Browning’s hammered finish does look great! [Photo courtesy of Browning]

Other great features

The PV500 carries the standard Browning Prosteel 5 year manufacturer defect warranty.

As for physical features, the safe is a 14 gauge, 2 bolt, standard interior lighting safe. It also has a manual key backup, just in case you don’t have a 9V battery on you if the battery dies.

What don’t I like?

The safe is pretty clunky for the gauge of steel it has. Some of its similar competitors will have thicker steel and security, or will be more portable. I feel like this safe is kind of an in between safe.

The Browning pistol vault narrows at the top. [Photo courtesy of Browning]

The PV500 also narrows at the door. So the interior of the safe is actually larger than the door, which can cause some issues on getting things in and out of the pistol vault.

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