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I am a big fan of Console Vault, in fact I personally have a vehicle specific Console Vault in my truck (check out that review here). They make some great products that are concealed in your vehicle.

The Gun Transporter is definitely a different style to the rest of their line, as it is not vehicle specific and is an easy TSA approved carry along gun for the lack of better words, “transporter”.

The Gun Transporter by Console Vault

What is The Gun Transporter

So what is it? The Gun Transporter is a pistol safe that can have either a 3 digit, or a 4 digit lock and is easily transportable. It has a handy dandy handle to be able to carry it along with one hand.

With 12 gauge steel, it carries the same steel thickness as the normal Console Vaults.

Why I like it

So what do I like about it, and why am I writing about it? Because it has some pretty cool features that make it stand out from the rest of the crowd. Those features are!

  • The little vault comes with a carrying strap. I know I already mentioned this, but it makes so much sense, and I wish other competitors had this.
  • It has a dedicated spot for cleaning supplies. This is pretty cool, and haven’t seen that in many other safes.
  • It is 12 gauge, which not many other “portable safes” have. Most rely on thinner steel to keep it portable, instead on this one the strap is what makes it easily portable, but still secure.
  • Non-electronic lock. These come with either that 3 digit or 4 digit combo mechanical lock, just like the rest of their safes.

What don’t I like about it?

  • I wish it was bigger. Oh wait, they also have the briefcase version too.
  • While the 3 digit or 4 digit locks are awesome, they also have the draw back of being quite slow to access. This isn’t really a safe you’ll use for quick access. For a very quick access, but not as secure idea, check out the StopBox that I recently reviewed.
  • Not much else…


The Gun Transporter is a great option for those looking for a good pistol safes to take with them on the go, even if you have to leave site of it. It keeps the steel thickness of many full size safes, about allows for portability of normal portable safes.

You should probably check it out.

That said, make sure to check out my buying guide for pistol safes to see what I look for when shopping for a safe.

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