Product Review: Eufy Robovac 30

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Every one has to vacuum… some more than others. When you have 2 large dogs, one of which is a tan husky mix and sheds white hair on a dark laminate flooring you have to do it a lot.

After having to sweep and vacuum multiple times a day, and feeling like I was going to go crazy, we started to look into a robot vacuum to take over this task to retain my sanity.

Shopping for the vacuum

We looked at all of the robot vacuums in this price point of around $250 or less, and landed with wanting to buy the Eufy Robovac 10s. Right before hitting the buy button we found its counterpart Eufy Robovac 30, it had more suction, came with the magnetic strips, and was cheaper!

This obviously a no brainer, so we purchased it!

Eufy Robovac 30 Product Review

After receiving it I did a quick unboxing and put it to work.

Getting used to the vacuum

I must say, having a robot vacuum takes some getting used to. You have to readjust some furniture, make sure you clean up things off the floor, and just adjust your cleaning style overall.

It is a little frustrating in the beginning, but after a while you get used to knowing what it needs to clean at its best and becomes second nature when cleaning.

The Robovac 30 is relatively thin and fits under our couch, and anything else we would want it to.

However it does have a hard time with our new higher pile rug getting under the couch, and gets stuck regularly. To remedy that we will be raising the couch up just a bit, so it doesn’t worry me much.

So how does it clean?

The robot vacuum has no problem cleaning our laminate floor. After running it for a while it will keep our flooring at an acceptable level, and I can’t remember the last time I had to sweep the laminate.

As for our rugs, we do still have to do a weekly vacuum, as it has a hard time getting deeper into the fibers. Once a week is pretty good though, as it was pretty much daily before.

You have to remember though, we have two large dogs that shed a lot. So we work this vacuum hard!

What about charging?

I haven’t run into really any issues with the charging. If we let it go long enough and it runs low, it shuts its suction off and goes back to its charging base.

Its cleaning style?

The Robovac 30 is a random style vacuum, where it randomly goes throughout the room that it is in. Some people may think that it will not get the room completely clean, but we haven’t seen that be an issue.

Once we let it do its cleaning, it generally has gotten the floor decently clean. I will say it likes certain parts of the rooms more than others, but that just might be me noticing it more than others.

Cleaning the vacuum

One downside I found with the vacuum is the need to clean it regularly. With so much dog hair it likes to congregate right on the inside of the bin, and doesn’t fill up the bin completely because the fur sticks at the front.

This means I need to keep an eye on the vacuum and probably clean it 2-3 times during each run. This isn’t a huge deal though, as its still better than doing the whole house with a manual vacuum.

For people that don’t have two large dogs, I doubt you will even need to clean it once during each clean, as everything else cleans just fine.

Cleaning the vacuum itself is easy (almost as easy as cleaning your phone with a phone soap), you can remove the roller quickly, remove the bin quickly, and isn’t hard to get to the filters. Its not too big of a deal.


Having a robot vacuum has revolutionized cleaning our home. Its fun to watch, makes cleaning easier, and gives me more time in the day.

We are both happy with the purchase, and believe its one of the best purchases we have made recently.

I still believe this vacuum is one of the best values out there, and have been happy with it.

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