The Snapsafe Vault Door Is The Perfect Entry Level Vault Door

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While the Snapsafe Vault door is one of the thinnest steel options on the market today, as well as the door does not have any fire rating. It still has is still a great value to many customers as a basic security door.

3 Different Versions

Snapsafe now offers their vault doors in 3 different versions. Firstly they have the standard 36″ width out-swing door, then they have the exact same door as a 32″ width version.

More recently they also have launched their 3rd version. This is an In-Swing door. One main benefit of an in-swing is that it can be used as a storm door, because if something falls in front of it during a storm, you can still open the door.

Vault Door Features

This door comes standard with a name-brand SecuRam lock, and a key bypass that is placed behind the lock. This will give quick access, as well as the ability to gain access after a small fire or if the keypad goes bad or if the keypad runs out of battery.

With 9 locking bolts the door is relatively well put into place.

The Snapsafe Vault Door comes in 2 different sizes, 32″ and the 36″, however both carry the same price. Make sure to check your door opening before purchasing!

Lastly, this vault door has 12 gauge steel, this presents a pretty decent steel option. While not super impressive as compared to something like a Vault Pro, Browning, or Amsec door it allows someone to have a vault door that wouldn’t normally buy one due to price.


At a price of $1148.00 on Snapsafe’s website, and seen even lower elsewhere this really is a screaming deal. As long as you don’t try to expect the features as the other doors out there like a Graffunder.

This door is a no non-sense, just is what it is door. It should work great for years, and will be a great value.

Want to learn more about vault doors? Make sure to see my buying guide about it. Also, if you want other options, make sure to check out other budget minded doors in this article.

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