Reviewing the Stealth Tac UL Series Gun Safe [Updated for 2023]

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Stealth Tactical is a relatively new brand of safes. The brand started off with smaller portable pistol boxes and accessories and has since moved into full size gun safes with the UL14, UL28 and UL50 and the rest of the series as well as home safes.

Product review for the UL Series by Stealth Tactical

The Stealth Tactical UL Series is really a great value for what you pay. Some retailers have the smaller UL14 safe for under $600.00 which lands this safe as my top pick on Best Cheap Gun Safes Under $600. With features like better than industry average fire rating at 60 minutes, and 12 gauge steel this will rival a Browning SP20 for considerably less of a price. Let’s take a little bit more in depth of a look!

Quality locking mechanism

UL Series lock
[Image courtesy of Stealth]

Stealth Tactical has really thought about the basics of a good safe when it comes to this series. One of the basics of a great safe is the inclusion of a quality lock. With an NL UL Listed Type 1 lock.

Usually in this price range of safes you will find unbranded locks, which does not guarantee you longevity.

While I wish that there was a lock brand such as S&G, or La Gard, this will have to do.

Steel thickness

UL50 door open and closed
[Image courtesy of Stealth]

With the UL series Stealth safes starting in the $600 range it would be expected to have a 14 gauge steel safe comparable to the Liberty Centurion or the entry level Cannon’s. However Stealth has out done themselves by using a 12 gauge steel.

While it appears this is Chinese steel, its still better than you will find in many of its competitors in the same price range.

Fire rating

Most safes in this price range tend to either not have a fire rating or have it sitting at the industry standard of 30 minutes. With this series of safe they double that at 60 minutes. In its list direct competitors for price, I wasn’t able to find any that compete with this.

If you are budget minded, but also live outside of city limits (far from a fire station), this might be your best bet to keep things safe!

Security Features

Stealth Security features
[Image courtesy of Stealth]

Features that this safe include list things like 12 gauge steel, the UL listed lock, 4 bolt down holes, and 4 sided bolt work, are pretty basic features for a safe. However you at this price you can’t expect things that cost R&D hours. You get what you get, and honestly what you get is a pretty decent safe.


For anyone that knows me, warranty is and always will be a very important feature. As if I’m within the warranty period of an item, and I’m having issues, you bet I’m going to try to warranty it out. I really wish Stealth had included a better warranty on this safe, as the 2 year warranty is definitely subpar for gun safes. Most you will see are in the 5 year to limited lifetime range.

However I can’t rate this too low, as I can understand keeping it lower to lower the cost on the safe.

In the safe industry, you do get what you pay for.


The aesthetics of the Stealth safes are nothing really to write home about. It took me some time to really understand what their logo is ( its a stealth fighter plan ) and with that being the major part of the front of the safe, its not a great choice.

Overall though it seems to be a nice safe, but looks a lot like most of its other imported safe counterparts.

Additional Features

The main additional feature that should be mentioned is the door panel, at this price point that is a great addition that maximizes the interior of the product.

Stealth UL50 door panel
[Image courtesy of Stealth]

Outside of that, there really isn’t a ton more.

Do you have a bit more of a budget and want more impressive features? Make sure to see my best gun safes under $2000.00 for more ideas.


The UL series by Stealth is a pretty good bargain. It should work well for a lot of people out there.

It’s a newer brand, but they seem to be keeping an eye on the market and giving the things that people want out of a safe.

If you are looking for a safe, but this is still too high of a budget, maybe take a look at their Economy Safes.

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