The Vaultek VT10i Is The Best Smart Safe On The Market

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The Vaultek VT10i with the lid open

What is the Vaultek VT10i?

The Vaultek VT10i is a small, portable pistol safe with biometric, keypad and key entry, as well as phone access through an app. It is a great solution for those on-the-go.

They also make safes like the slider, and MX series.

Packaging & First Impressions

As you can see in my unboxing video below, this unit’s packaging is really well thought out and well made. I really like the minimalistic design. They really thought of the whole buying experience when they designed the packaging. From the moment you open the box to the moment you put your pistol in the safe, it’s a crafted experience.

Vaultek VT10i Overview

The Vaultek VT10i hands down is one of my personal favorite pistol boxes. While it may not have as thick of steel as some competitors, or the size of some, this unit is exceptional for the price.

I am very impressed at how the unit looks and feels. The attention to detail is incredible. The buttons are responsive and will light up at the smallest touch to make sure you gain access quickly. Some great features like connectivity to your phone, impact sensors, and many ways of access really do allow for this to be one of the best on the market.

Vaultek obviously had been paying attention to the pistol vault industry for quite some time when developing this. It has created a portable, safe, and well thought out product that I haven’t seen before. This is something I would keep on the counter, and feel just as safe taking it to my truck and transporting it.

Product Highlights

  • Compact: This unit will fit under most car seats. I really like how compact it is, but still leaving plenty of room for a pistol or other small valuables. This is what Vaultek said about the size: “We made the safe lighter and more compact. Still being able to hold a Glock 19 and other handguns with comfort. We started with the VT20 series and now we have the VT10i.”
  • 16-Gauge Steel: Compared to some other units that are made of thinner metals, this unit has some decent heft. Not the heaviest out there, but it’s a solid product.
  • Keypad, Biometric & Key Entry: I really like that this unit has a lock for a simple key entry. That’s not something that every pistol safe has anymore these days. They also did a really great job concealing the lock, so it’s not easily noticeable, even if someone did have the key in-hand. The keypad works well. No complaints.
  • Adjustable audio: I really like that you can turn the audio on and off on this unit. If there’s a burglar in the house, you don’t want them to hear the beeping when you unlock your pistol safe. Very cool feature.
Vaultek VT10i keypad
An example of a great electronic lock on a pistol safe

Other noteworthy things about the Vaultek VT10i


This unit is polarity-sensing, meaning that you can put the battery in either way, and it will adjust the polarity automatically. How is this not part of every single device that needs a battery?! Love it.

Plus, the battery supposedly will last up to 6 months.

Tip: I still recommend leaving this unit plugged in at all times, if possible. You don’t want to be on 6 months + 1 day when the battery dies and you really need to get in.

4-foot Security Cable as Standard Accessory

As you can see in the unboxing video above, this product includes a 4-foot security cable as an accessory. This comes in really handy. You can use it to secure the VT10i underneath your car seat, or somewhere in your house. Any safe can be broken into with enough time and the right equipment, so you’re really just buying time. Having this security cable does just that, as it makes it harder to just take the unit and run.

Vaultek VT10i with accessories
The Vaultek VT10i comes with a lot of accessories that it needs

Main Downsides

Those looking for a truly hefty product might be disappointed by the steel thickness. This was not a personal concern of mine, but is worth mentioning for those looking for something thicker but less portable.

I’m really stretching here, but if you’re looking for another downside to this, it would be the small size. But if that’s a concern for you, Vaultek has an easy solution – the bigger Pro VT series.


The Vaultek VT10i remains one of my favorite pistol safes out on the market today, and is found on my list of best biometric gun safes.

If you want to buy the safe, make sure to look at Vaultek’s website.

If you have any questions about this unit, feel free to leave a comment below!

Please note that this Vaultek VT10i was sent out to me by Vaultek as a review unit. All Opinions are my own.

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