These are my favorite Proof Eyewear Glasses

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Proof Eyewhere is an Idaho based company that donates $10 of each frame to the Do Good Program! They offer many different designs of glasses and their speciality is the wood frames.

There are a couple different frames that I like the most!

Ponderay Aluminum

[Image courtesy of Proof Eyewhere]

These glasses are a metal framed rim, with a brown lense! Extremely nice, and well made.

Tamarack Wood

[Image courtesy of Proof Eyewear]

These wooden glasses are a great look, one of my favorites for sure!

Ontario Wood

[Image courtesy of Proof Eyewear]

Giving a bit of a lighter wood shade, these sun glasses would be great to have in conjunction with the Tamarack above.


Regardless of if you like these, you should at least check out their website by clicking the button below. They are a really cool small company making great quality products.

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