Product Review: Quip is the new cool way to brush your teeth

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This “quick” Quip review of a the toothbrush will show this brush is a new take on an old idea. Following the footsteps of the Oral-B and the Sonicare toothbrushes, it takes it back to the simplicity of a manual toothbrush, but the effectiveness of an electric brush.

The founders of Quip realized that what was most important about brushing your teeth is routine. Which is basically to brush your teeth for 2 minutes, 30 seconds on each portion of your mouth.

The result is a tooth brush that vibrates, allowing for break up of all the gunk in your mouth, and that then lets you know when 30 seconds have passed.

So with that, let’s take a look at what I do, and don’t like about my new Quip toothbrush.

What I like about my Quip

The design looks great

I really like the way this toothbrush looks. I do have to admit… I’m not sure I have ever worried about the aesthetics of my toothbrush too heavily, however this one does look good.

For an electric toothbrush, it is sleek, and not much bigger than a manual brush. All of the colors that it is available in look great.

It really does look great in the green color I chose

Easy to transport

In my quip review, I found every toothbrush comes with a piece that acts as both a stand, as well as a cover.

In the stand mode, it can be stuck to a mirror to keep your toothbrush off the counter. On the back it has an adhesive to allow this to happen.

In cover mode, you can cover up the toothbrush to either keep it in a drawer, on the counter, or even take it to-go. We recently went on a trip, and it worked really awesome for this. This also disassembles, so that you can clean it easily every so often.

Quip Tounge cleaner

Tells me when to move to next section of mouth

This is probably one of the biggest things about electric tooth brushes in general. Before I started using tooth brushes, I never really timed myself, and I know I did not brush long enough.

Now these tooth brushes will do a quick vibrate every 30 seconds letting you know to move on the the next of the four sections of your mouth. This allows you to make sure you completely clean it the best possible.

Can be mounted anywhere

With the adhesive on the back, you can mount your brush anywhere you want. Most people will probably mount this to their mirror for convenience sake, or to remind them to brush in the first place.

What I don’t like about Quip

I’m not able to buy refills in store

I am personally not too into subscription models on most products. So I really would prefer to be allowed to purchase tooth brush heads at the store while I am there.

I purchased this one at my nearby Target, and was sad to find I couldn’t buy refills there.

Metal versions are a bit too expensive

My plastic version of the toothbrush set me back around $25.00, however the metal ones are around $40.00. That $40.00 price point puts this a bit out of what I believe would be worth it.

There are other, better tooth brushes on the market in that price point.


If you are looking for a great toothbrush, and in the case of the plastic version, a great value this is one of the best out there.

I really like this brush, I like that I can take it anywhere, and that it looks nice! I hope this quip review convinces you as well.

If you want to buy your own, you can buy it straight from Quip’s website.

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