Ratio Eight Is The Perfect Alternative To Pour Over Coffee

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The Ratio Eight is a designer style coffee maker that aims to give a convenient alternative to hand made pour over coffee.

It looks great, is customizable to your kitchen, works well, and has glowing reviews.

Design first

The Ratio Eight is one of the best looking coffee makers out on the market today. I mean it should be, considering it’s hefty price (that I believe it lives up to).

Ratio Eight in dark cobalt on counter
[Image courtesy of Ratio Coffee]

The awesome thing about the Ratio Eight, is that you can completely customize the look of the coffee maker from the ground up.

This includes the base colors of white, bright silver, dark cobalt, oyster, and matte black. The wood portion can be modified to be parawood, or walnut. And you can choose to either have the standard BPA free polymer carafe or the hand blown glass carafe for a $50 charge.

As for the style of the coffee maker, it has a good mix between retro and super modern.


This coffee maker boasts its ability to make a great cup of coffee that is a good duplicate of what you would get by making a hand-made pour over. This is achieved by precisely metering the water flow during both bloom and the brew phases.

buttons on the coffee maker
[Image courtesy of Ratio Coffee]

It also brews the coffee (maybe Blue Bottle Coffee?) at 200 degrees, and as mentioned before has the bloom phase that allows it to settle before brewing the remainder of the water.

The machine will also automatically know how much water you poured into the conainter, allowing for coffee to be brewed from 16 ounces, all the way up to 40.

5 year warranty and customer service

A 5 year warranty is standard on every Ratio Eight unit, and it seems Ratio really stands up to it. No one wants to have to use a warranty, however when they do, that seems to be one of the major things people review about their experience (outside of bragging about great quality taste)

Also, people are mentioning their customer service seems to be quick to help.

Silver Ratio coffee maker
[Image courtesy of Ratio Coffee]

So what is the price?

Now that we have gone over all of the features, and determined there are a lot of important ones, lets talk price!

The Ratio Eight’s standard price is $495.00 on their website, and the only up-charge is upgrading to the hand blow carafe.

This makes it one of the most expensive home coffee makers that I have reviewed so far.

Personally, based off the reviews, and what this coffee makers offer. If you are in the market, and have the money, this may be worth it!


  • Awesome design that can be customized to fit your kitchen
  • Well built. This unit is hand built in Portland Oregon, and people definitely seem to brag about it.
  • Being able to adjust the amount of coffee made
  • Simple design and function


Who it is for

This coffee maker is obviously not for everyone. Considering you can pick up a $10 coffee maker on Black Friday at Walmart (yes I have done that) this is probably not for those that are budget minded.

Coffee brewing
[Image Courtesy of Ratio Coffee]

If you are someone who really cares about the taste, and experience behind the coffee you have in the morning, this is who that is for.

Pour over coffee has been deemed one of the best cups of coffee out there. However for those that don’t have the time in the morning to do that, this will give you the same results, in a great looking unit.


This coffee maker is something that should last for a really long time, and seems to be well built. It also makes great coffee, looks awesome, and can be customized to the look and feel of your kitchen.

I say if you can handle the cost and have saved up for it (be smart) then this is worth the buy.

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