The Ratio Six Coffee Maker Is The Cheaper Sibling To The Ratio Eight

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The Ratio Six is the little brother to the Ratio Eight (you can read more about the eight in this article I wrote), it offers all the same great features like the pour over quality coffee, and the one button brew, as the Eight, but in a more compact, and less expensive package.

I also find that the Six becomes the more practical choice, while the Eight is the more fashionable choice between the two.

[Image courtesy of Ratio Coffee]

Because of the cost, both of these coffee makers are placed in the premium category of coffee maker! And is for those who really enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Ratio Six vs Ratio Eight

I think, the best way to explain what the Ratio Six is, is by pointing out the differences between the Six and the Eight are.

As most of the important features are actually the same between the two units. It really comes down to personal preference in the end.

Ratio Six on the left, and Ratio Eight on the right [Coffee maker images courtesy of Ratio Coffee]

Ratio SixRatio Eight
Warranty5 years5 years
Filter sizeFlat bottom basket filterChemex paper filters or Able Kone stainless steel filter
One Button OperationYesYes
Pour Over Style BrewYesYes
Die-cast aluminum element heatsYesYes
CarafeDouble wall stainless steel thermal carafe and filter basketGlass Carafe Standard, upgradable to stainless steel
Heating element1400 watt1400 watt
Made InChinaUSA
Brewing CapacityUp to 40 ouncesUp to 40 ounces
Height14.25 inches14.25″ inches
Depth9 inches9 inches
Width6.75 inches9.75 inches
Weight9 pounds14 pounds

There are 4 main differences that I think I would consider before deciding between the Ratio Eight, and the Ratio Six.

Import or Domestic Made

The Ratio Eight is made here in the USA, more specifically Portland Oregon! On the other hand, the Six is made in Guangzhou, China.

I personally don’t believe there will be a huge difference in quality between the two, however I know a lot of people would prefer to have something made in the USA. 

Keep in mind, that iPhone you have is made in China as well.

The Filter Type

The Ratio Eight has always used the premium Chemex filter style, this is a favorite in the industry. However they are also a bit harder to get, and you have to find a place to buy them.

The filter basket [Image courtesy of Ratio Coffee]

The Ratio Six however uses one of your standard flat bottomed filters you would use in your normal coffee maker.

This is great because this is something you can easily get at your local big box retailer, and makes using this coffee maker easier to use.

I can’t speak to if there is a big difference in extraction between these two styles of filters, however I do like the ease of purchase for the Six.

Difference in size

While the height and depth of the coffee makers are identical, the width is much less on the Six.

Like a lot less in width, a whole 3 inches. This is great for those that are in apartments, or have small kitchens, as every bit of counter space matters!

I think people with small kitchens would be hard pressed to pay the extra for the Eight, if they can spend less, and keep some of their counter space available.

Favorite Ratio Six Features

Alright! Now that we know the differences between the two units, lets go more in depth on the features the Ratio Six offers!

Simulated pour over

A pour over is pretty widely known as the best way to make coffee and get the best taste out of your drink. However, it really does take quite a bit of time to do, and takes expertise as well.

With Ratio coffee makers, they mimic pour over, but do it mechanically. This means you can set it up just like a normal coffee maker, but it does the pour over style coffee for you! One button, and it’s done!

One Button

So with that said, the fact that there is only one button should be pointed out! Some people really like a coffee maker with a ton of options (I personally have one), but sometimes in the morning you just want to click one button and not have to think about it.

The one button push makes making coffee really easy [Image courtesy of Ratio Coffee]

Ratio gives that to you. One button and it goes through it’s three phases, the bloom, brew, and the ready phase.

Two Color Options

You can own your Ratio Six in 2 different colors, stainless steel, and the matte black. I personally like the matte black, however the stainless steel will probably fit into most kitchens better.

So who is the Ratio Six for then?

The Ratio Six is going to be perfect for that person that wants a premium coffee maker, that is smaller in size, blends into the kitchen and gives a brew similar to pour over.

If you want something much more showy, then the Eight may be your better option.

You can buy a glass carafe separately [Image courtesy of Ratio Coffee]


In the end, most people will never own a coffee maker in the $300+ range, however for those that do, the Ratio Six is an awesome option!

I really like both coffee makers, and I don’t think you could go wrong. Personally I don’t think the Six being imported is that big of a deal, and I honestly would prefer having the flat bottomed filters.

Because of that, most people will choose the Ratio Six.

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