Rhino Metals Makes Some Awesome Ironworks Safes

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Rhino is most well known for their Ironworks series of safes and are based out of Caldwell Idaho. I would put them as one of the major players in the gun safe business.

They were one of the first safes that were to make the distressed finish mainstream, and were then soon followed up with Fort Knox, Sun Welding Safes and other competitors.

Rhino also is the parent company for the Big Horn, and Kodiak series. They also manufacturer reloading benches, armoires, end tables and more both under the Kodiak, and the Ironworks brand.

Now! This is an article about gun safes, and mainly gun safes, so lets dig in and see how they stand up to a review. This will only be about Rhino brand, if you want to hear more about Bighorn, check out and article about that brand here.

Rhino Ironworks USA Series

Under the Ironworks nameplate it contains varying sizes and configurations of both the AIW, and the CIWD series.

The CIWD series is the entry level version! With and 85 minute fire rating, and 12 gauge steel it would be comparable to the similarly names USA series Liberty Safe. However, in contrast to the Liberty, the Rhino has many features the Liberty doesn’t.

With a swing-out rack that allows for items to be stored under quick access rifles, a stinking cool aesthetic distressed finish, and a far better fire rating these are safes that shouldn’t be trifled with.

The AIW is very similar to the CIWD, with the same style of looks, and the swing out rack, however it ups the fire rating to a whopping 130 minutes, and a 10 gauge steel build.

Whether you get the AIW or the CIWD version of the safe, they are really impressive.

Rhino USA Series

Do you want the security of the Ironworks, but not a huge fan of the looks? Yeah Rhino has something for you as well!

Enter the CD series, which has the same features as the CIWD and the A series (accept 120 degrees fire rating) that has the features of the AIW safes.

The main difference on these safes is the wide array of awesome looking colors and trim that they offer.

These are some nice safes, and should definitely be taken a look at.


Rhino Metals makes some really great looking safes, and their quality is really there. I do wish they had a few more upgrade options such as inner-steel, however if that is not a feature you are looking for than these might just be your safes!

Have too much in your safe, and need to upgrade to a whole room? Rhino Metals also makes vault doors.

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