You Need This Ribeye Shipped To Your Door

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I don’t think many people think about having shipped directly to your door. However it actually is becoming more and more a regular thing that you can do.

American West Beef provides flash freezed steaks, that should be oh, so delicious.

If you are at home right now due to everything going on in the world, and just wish you could have an amazing steak like what you had at the restaurant months back, then this might be just for you.

The Ribeye

The Ribeye at American West Beef is meant to be shared with your family, or you can always save the rest for later, as you can purchase either 4 10 or 8 10, or 16 ounce steaks at a time.

These steaks are aged for an average of 21 days, and look incredibly delicious.

Who says you can’t eat well while stuck at home?

My Thoughts On The Steak?

The time that we are in is difficult, and sometimes it is just nice to be able to splurge a little bit and treat yourself to a delicous steak.

I like that American West Beef, is able to offer a quality product, and keep the economy going.

I also like that this is shipped right to my door! Sometimes it is difficult to find the right steak in the store, even when you can make it to the store.

This solves that by getting you a great steak, shipped straight to you!

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