List Of Safes By Their Gauge of Steel In 2023

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There are hundreds of safes on the market today, all ranging in different thicknesses of steel. However sometimes it really is hard to know which safe has what. Below is a list of all gauges of steel, and what safes have that thickness. This list is based off of the steel in the body of the safe. Please keep in mind, the higher the gauge number, the thinner the steel. Thinnest steel is on top, thickest on bottom.

This is just the beginning of the list, but should give a good idea of what the industry as a whole favors for thickness. It also should help you find the best bang for the buck when it comes to steel thickness.

14 Gauge

[Image courtesy of Liberty]
  • Liberty Centurion Series – See full review here
  • Amsec TF Series
  • Sports Afield Standard Series
  • Cannon Valley Forge
  • Barska FV Series
  • Kodiak KB Series
  • Kodiak UAK Series
  • Winchester Bandit Series
  • Winchester Closet Series
  • Winchester Ammo Safe

12 Gauge

[Image courtesy of Browning]
  • Cannon Premium 1965 Series
  • Edison Sanford Series
  • Edison Blackburn Series
  • Sports Afield Pro Series
  • Second Amendment Safes
  • Fortress Gun Safes
  • Steelwater Standard Series
  • Rhino Warthog
  • Rhino CD Series
  • Rhino CIWD Series
  • Kodiak Strong Box Series
  • Amsec FV Series
  • Browning Primal Series
  • Browning HAWG
  • Browning Mark V
  • Kodiak K Series
  • Winchester Big Daddy Series
  • Winchester Defender Series
  • Winchester Ranger Series
  • Winchester Home & Office Series

11 Gauge (1/8″)

[Images courtesy of Browning and Fort Knox]
  • Fort Knox Maverick Series
  • Browning Hunter Series
  • Browning Heavyweight Series
  • Browning Silver Series
  • Black Diamond Safes
  • Browning Hell’s Canyon
  • Amsec NF Series
  • Browning Mark IV
  • Winchester Evolution Series

10 Gauge

  • Edison Foraker Series
  • Cannon Commander Series
  • Old Glory Battle Ready Series
  • Rhino A-Series
  • Dakota DS Series
  • Rhino AIW Series
  • Browning Medallion Series
  • Winchester Legacy Series
  • Winchester Silverado Series
  • Winchester Treasury Series
  • Vault Pro Silver Eagle Series
  • Fort Knox Defender Series

9 Gauge

  • Snapsafe Titan Series
  • Old Glory Super Duty Series

7 Gauge (3/16″)

  • Edison Elias Series
  • Sun Welding Calvary Series
  • Browning Platinum Plus Series
  • Vault Pro Golden Eagle Series
  • Fort Knox Protector Series
  • Fort Knox Titan (Just outer layer, inner steel included in this series)

4 Gauge

  • Fort Knox Executive Series


  • Edison McKinley Series
  • Vault Pro American Eagle Series
  • Fort Knox Legend Series (1/2″ with all inner steel layers that are included)


  • Fort Knox Guardian Series

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