Snapsafe Launches The New Super Titan XL Double Door

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The original Snapsafe Super Titan XL is and was a large safe that had many great features. However with the smaller design of the door, it was difficult to reach the sides of the interior. Snapsafe has heard about these issues and has come out with something better!

Super Titan XL Main Image
[Image courtesy of Snapsafe]

Snapsafe Super Titan XL is full of great features

Now, here we are in 2018 and Snapsafe has given the same Double Door facelift to the Super Titan XL version that was seen on last years Super Titan XXL. This new version keeps all the great aspects of the Super Titan series, including the 9 gauge body (7 Gauge Door), the deep interior, outstanding fire rating, and portability that a modular safe brings.

With this double door design, new owners will find that they can easily access the entire safe without the need to reach around the door jamb.

Snapsafe Titan XL Double Door w/ doors open [Picture courtesy of Snapsafe]

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The Super Titan XL is the perfect size

The Super Titan XL Double Door measures 59″ High, 38″ Wide and 24″ deep and is able to handle up to 36 long guns. Each unit will come with a modular interior that can be set up for all long guns, or half long guns, half shelving. At 660 pounds, anyone would be happy that this safe goes together in pieces, instead of needing to hire a moving company to bring it in.

The Snapsafe Titan Double Door XL has two doors [Picture courtesy of Snapsafe]

Staying Secure with Snapsafe

With the new generation of Super Titan XL, a SecuRAM keypad will be found on the face of the unit. Once the lock is pulled off, a key hole will be found. Having a key bypass on this safe allows for the safe to be accessed even after an EMP hits, or if the batteries run out.

If space is an issue, maybe check out Snapsafe’s new under bed safe that recently launched as well! Check it out here.

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