Overview of the Snapsafe Underbed Safe L

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Snapsafe, whom is known most for building modular safes, launched the Underbed Safe XL, this product was built to be able to be placed under beds, as well as in larger SUVs. With some great specs for the price, it was hugely popular.

Underbed Safes
[Picture courtesy of Snapsafe]

The All New Snapsafe Underbed Safe L

If this wasn’t enough, Snapsafe has now just announced that starting in 2018 they will be carrying a compact version called the Underbed Safe L (75401). 

This is almost exactly the same product, but just scaled down. At 40″ wide, 6″ high, and 22″ deep it is built specifically to be placed in smaller SUVs.

Snapsafe Underbed Safe 75401
[Picture courtesy of Snapsafe]

With an easy access electronic locking mechanism, a great lifetime warranty, and a slim profile this could be a great option for anyone. It is great for storing firearms, jewelry and documents.

Underbed Safe Locking Mechanism
[Picture courtesy of Snapsafe]

Please beware this safe is built with 14 gauge steel, and is not a great alternative to a full size safe with thicker gauge steel, it is great for temporary storage of firearms for quick access.

I highly recommend using the included tether cable that is included to connect to a stationary object like a bed, or something on the interior of the vehicle.

So why should I buy a Snapsafe Underbed Safe L?

Underbed safes are awesome for keeping a firearm close by. Most full size safes lack the accessibility you need for an emergency, and many times are not in the room you spend the most time in.

The solution is to keep your firearms throughout the home, and since you sleep “around” 8 hours a day, keeping one near you during that time is ideal.

Want to learn more about this product, visit Snapsafe’s website. Also, if you want something a bit smaller than this, they just released the Medium Version, and you can read about it here.

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