You probably should just go ahead and get this Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

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Admit it, you probably forgot about one of the most important parts of a good cup of pour over coffee, the kettle! Most people have one permanently on their stove top, and just kinda forget about it.

However, did you know, that piece of kitchen ware can be something that stands out, looks awesome, and functions well in your kitchen!

Fellow Products (who also makes and awesome mug, and many other products)makes one of the coolest, while a bit spendy, kettles out there.

EKG Kettle
My favorite color is the Matte Black [Image courtesy of Fellow Products]

Electric heat

No more does your kettle have to sit on your stove top, taking up one of your burners! The Stagg EKG Electric Kettle offers its own electric burner that heats up your water to exactly the right temperature for whatever you are needing.

Hold Mode

Not only that, once it is at that heat, it can keep it at that heat for up to 60 minutes. That means you can make your second or third cup without having to reheat that water.

Even water flow

Even water flow
The spout gives very even water flow [Image courtesy of Fellow Products]

You may ask yourself why this kettle looks different than your normal one. This version of the long spout gives a super even flow of water, which is super important when you are doing a pour over.

Multiple colors

Different kettle colors
Missing the white color, but you get the idea [Image courtesy of Fellow Product]

This kettle also comes in 4 very different colors! Matte Black, White, Polished Steel, and Polished Copper.

These aren’t just color variations, it genuinely makes them feel like different products. Perfect for anyone that wants it to match the kitchen.

My personal favorite is the Matte Black!

Different sizes

At the time of this writing, only the 0.9 liter version is available, however there is a smaller 0.6 liter version out there as well.


Yes, thats right, there is a different version called the EKG plus that comes with a bluetooth control. With this you can control the heat, turn it on and off, as well as track recipes.

So whats the price?

The Stagg EKG Electric Kettle is offered on Fellow Products for $129.00.

Although, if you think about all of the features, and design that goes into this, you start to understand that this has a value similar to this price point for those who really enjoy that great cup of pour over coffee.

Coffee beans next to Stagg EKG electric kettle
[Image courtesy of Fellow Products]


  • Looks awesome
  • Super functional for those who enjoy coffee
  • You can control the heat, and keep it at that heat
  • 4 colors to choose from, and all of them look great
  • No more guessing what heat your water is at


  • Expensive, when you compare it to the other kettles without as many features


Yeah, lets be honest, you probably should get one of these! If you are reading this article, you probably really enjoy coffee and everything that comes with it. Just make sure you have the right tasting glasses!

The Stagg EKG Electric Kettle offers so many great features that help you get that great cup of pour over coffee every time, it really is worth it.

If you don’t need the curved neck, Fellow Products does also have the Corvo, which might work great for you!

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