These Stagg Tasting Glasses Are Great For Coffee Drinkers

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There are two different groups of people when it comes to coffee drinkers, in the first group there are the people that enjoy coffee, and tend to drink it on-the-go and have fun doing that. Then there is the other group of people where coffee is truly a hobby (or even a profession). That group of people tends to really dig deep into what makes coffee great.

The Stagg Tasting Glasses are for the latter group! These glasses are meant to allow you to smell and taste the coffee as it is meant to be. If you want to catch every aroma of your grind, and enjoy the coffee to the fullest, these are those glasses.

Features of the Stagg Tasting Glasses

High Quality Glass

These Glasses by Fellow Products are all hand blown glasses, meaning every one is made just for you. The glass also means you won’t get any of the metal taste like you would from a metal mug or glass, instead you get just the tastes the coffee is giving.

Double Wall On Top, Single Wall On Bottom

Many high end glasses out there are double walled. However not many of them combine the double walled bottom that allows for insulation, and retainment of heat, while the top is single walls to make sure the flared lip we are about to talk with is able to take place.

Flared Lip

Unless you have spent much time looking into coffee mugs, you may not have stumbled on a flared lip mug. Essentially this lip allows the coffee to skip your lip, and the coffee goes right into your mouth. It is a much nicer experience over all.

How much do they cost?

You can buy these tasting glasses directly from Fellow Products on their website for $30 for the pair!

Yeah, this is a bit expensive, however you do get two units, and handblown glass.


There are quite a few different companies making these glasses, however I know Chemex makes another great set of tasting glasses with a bit of a different take on them.

Who are these Stagg Tasting Glasses for?

The Stagg Tasting Glasses Aren’t for everyone, they are a bit too expensive for most people that don’t consider coffee a hobby or profession.

However for those that do consider coffee a hobby, these glasses give an elegant feel, and give you the best taste you can have with your coffee in the morning.


Fellow Products continues to be one of my favorite coffee accessory companies, and these glasses continue to affirm that. I would highly recommend you read about their to-go mug that I personally own, as well as maybe their new grinder that is disrupting the market.

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