The Handgun Hanger by Stealth Tac fixes common issues with pistol safes

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Larger pistol safes tend to have a couple issues that keep them from being overly helpful. However Stealth Gun Safes aims to solve these issues by selling the Handgun Hanger Safe!

Let’s jump right into those issues then.

Handgun Hanger Safe main image
[Image courtesy of Stealth]

Capacity of handguns

Most pistol safes tend to only allow for hand guns to be put on the floor of the safe, and if big enough, maybe a drawer.

The Handgun Hanger Safe fixes this issue by utilizing handgun hangers to place the pistols vertical, like a full-size safe, meaning that the entire safe is used.

Because of this, you can quickly access 3 pistols in the main interior of the safe.

Added storage on floor of safe

Floor of safe
[Image courtesy of Stealth]

With handguns placed on the hangers in the safe, it leaves enough space on the floor of it to be able to keep either another handgun or two, or some accessories.

This means, even in the smallish footprint of this safe, you can fit up to 5 handguns.

In comparison, something like the Browning PV1500 can hold maybe 3 to 4 at a higher price point.

Features of the Handgun Hanger Safe

There are of course many other features that this safe has.

These include:

  • 6 digit electronic lock using a 4 digit illuminated keypad (this means you’ll use the same button twice).
  • Spring loaded door
  • Interior lighting that is red, helping with night vision
  • Bolt down holes
  • Ani Pri Tabs
Interior lighting on Handgun Hanger Safe
[Image courtesy of Stealth]


  • Ext Dimensions: 9″ High by 9″ Wide by 12″ Deep
  • Inte Dimensions: 7.75″ High b 8.5″ Wide by 11″ Deep
  • Weight: 19 pounds


  • Very usable interior
  • Quick access using electronic lock
  • Quick, but stealth opening door
  • Interior lighting
  • Impressively low price


  • No advertised steel thickness. I am going to bet it is in the 14-18 gauge steel range
  • Only one year warranty, I generally like to see a 5 year, to lifetime warranty on gun safes

Who is this Handgun Hanger Safe for

Keypad of safe
[Image courtesy of Stealth]

This safe is meant for those that have quite a few pistols, but either can’t afford, or don’t want a full size safe. Being able to bolt the safe down means that 5 pistols can be safely kept and hidden.

It won’t be meant for anyone that does need to keep more than 5 pistols, or a long gun. Unless it is being used for a secondary quick access safe, as well as a full size safe elsewhere.

It also isn’t really meant for someone that is buying a handgun safe to store anything other than handguns, as the interior and price really reflects the usability of handguns.


This safe is really perfect for a lot of people out there. Its main competitors can be seen at Liberty, and Browning.

The price is definitely worth what you are paying, and you can get a great safe.

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