Who is Stealth Tactical Safes?

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Stealth Tactical is a new take on a great concept

Stealth Tactical is a manufacturer of many different types of products, ranging from door panels and pistol pockets, to in-floor safes and pistol boxes.

Handgun hanger safe by Stealth
[Image courtesy of Stealth]

Many of their products take from concepts that already exist, and then add features that greatly enhance their usability.

This includes safes like their Dorm Safe that allows for access with a credit card, or the Handgun Hanger Safe (pictured above, or you can learn more about it on my site here) that hangs pistols from the top to maximize the interior space.

They also recently launched the Swiftvault which is a great biometric style safe.

One of their other main safes is a direct competitor to Fort Knox’s PB1 with the Original Handgun safe.

Economy Safes

[Image courtesy of Stealth]

Stealth also just recently launched a series of Economy Safes, featuring lower prices, and features comparable to Liberty’s Centurion safes.

UL Rated Full Size Safes

[Image courtesy of Stealth]

Yeah, thats right! Stealth now sells a full size gun safe. And it is a pretty great value! It shows up on my article for best safes under $600.00 and scores pretty well on my review of the series.

Who sells Stealth Tactical?

Stealth Tactical is currently retailed by DeanSafe, High Desert Lock & Safe, as well as by GunSafes.com. However their items can also be purchased on Amazon.

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