7 SUVs That Have Air Suspension: Plus what air suspension is?

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The United States created an air suspension system throughout World War II, particularly for heavier warplanes. Initially, the objective of air suspension was to conserve weight with a compact design.

Historically, air suspension was reserved for the biggest, strongest automobiles and cargo transporters, but this revolutionary concept is now widely accessible in street automobiles.

Air suspension is available on a wide variety of modern SUVs, luxurious automobiles, and even ordinary commuting vehicles.

This article will take a quick look at some of the best Air Suspension-equipped SUVs on the marketplace today and the air suspension specification they each have.

So without further to do, here are some SUVs on the market today that offer air suspension!

1. Porsche Macan S

In 2021, Porche introduced the Porsche Macan S. The SUV can provide spacious seats and smooth and pleasant driving.

You’ll find a V6 turbo engine under the hood that produces a 348 horsepower plus 352 pound-feet of torque.

It has Porsche Active Suspension Management, often known as (PASM), which allows it to be a more dynamic SUV. Whereas the air suspension system raises or lowers the car, the PASM hinders the impact of uneven roadways and rugged landscapes on the automobile.

When traveling at faster rates and suddenly hitting a bump in the road or crater, this is a valuable property to have on board.

2. Volkswagen Touareg

An Air Suspension system is also available on the Volkswagen Touareg. A button on the central console allows the user to change the air suspension from 30mm to 70mm.

The Toureg suspension offers Configurable Driving Modes to modify the Riding Level and Damper adjustments for every option, including Comfort, Race, Off-Road, Off-Pavement, etc.

Even if the operator picks a certain air suspension, the central controller will reduce it depending on the vehicle’s velocity (over 150 km/h).

3. Tesla Model X

Tesla seems to be the latest craze in town and has recently impacted the marketplace. Its breakthrough auto-driving feature and electric-generated technology are reshaping the automobile field.

The Tesla Model X could be recharged in around 10 1/2 hrs but has a range of 340 miles. It easily accommodates five people and features “Tesla’s falcon-winged doors,” making loading a kid’s car seat a joy.

While the Model X is an electric vehicle, it has never been left behind. This beast has over 1,000 horsepower. It accelerates from zero to sixty miles per hour within 2.5 seconds, making it an extremely fast but still extremely quiet SUV.

4. Audi A6 Allroad

Although this Audi A6 Allroad may not seem to be a typical SUV (technically a wagon), it is built to be more durable and capable in low-grip conditions so we are keeping it on this list.

And although it is not nearly as capable of managing off-road as the classic Range Rover (or something with a manual transmission), it is still more maneuverable and affordable than standard SUVs.

Its air suspension system is the cornerstone of its off-roading prowess. Usually, it’s lower to the ground, making for a more pleasant drive and better fuel efficiency, but it can be elevated by 45 millimeters while traveling through rugged terrain. This decreases the possibility of a vehicle scuffing up against grooves, gullies, or curbs.

5. Volvo XC90

The 2021 Volvo XC90 is a smooth SUV that can fit up to seven people. The feature that helps this car much more convenient than some other cars is that the driver’s side and passenger seats have massagers built into them. This feature alone makes it an excellent SUV for a long road trip.

The 2021 Volvo XC90 comes with 2.0-liter turbocharged engines and a plug-in hybrid model. It is a fantastic alternative for anyone searching for a third-row seating SUV with good gas efficiency. The gasoline engine gets 19 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway, while the hybrids get 27 mpg.

6. Lexus LX 570

The Lexus LX 570 is a full-size SUV that comes standard with air suspension. This feature helps to smooth out bumps in the road, providing a comfortable ride for passengers.

In addition, air suspension can also improve handling and stability, making the LX 570 more agile and responsive than if it didn’t come equipped with it. As a result, this feature helps to make the Lexus LX 570 one of the most capable and enjoyable SUVs on the market.

You can think of the LX 570 as a much nicer version of the Toyota Land Cruiser, which makes it perfect for those that want both luxury and off-road prowess.

7. Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln Navigator is a SUV that is known for its luxurious features and comfortable ride. One of the features that makes the Lincoln Navigator so comfortable is its air suspension. Air suspension is a type of suspension that uses airbags instead of springs.

This allows the Lincoln Navigator to have a smoother ride, even over bumps and uneven terrain. The air suspension also helps to level out the Lincoln Navigator when it is carrying a heavy load. As a result, the Lincoln Navigator is able to provide a comfortable ride for both driver and passengers.

What Is an Air Suspension System, and What Is It Used For?

First, let’s talk about the air suspension system and its functions. Then, we’ll talk about the cars in the current market that has air suspensions.

An air suspension is a form of suspension generated by a compressor engine and an air pump tool run by electricity or through a gas. Inside the air suspension, there are safety airbags loaded by the compressor to make the car a “bouncy” and “spring-like” feel.

Loading the airbags raises the car, increasing clearance. Suppression of the airbags provides improved agility during high rates of speed. Remember that the lesser the car’s elevation, the harsher the drive.


To Sum up, an air suspension system adjusts to every surface or task given. It’s not cheap, but it can turn either mid-size or full-size SUVs into an off-road beast, a group vacation explorer, or a solid hauling monster.

If you’re considering obtaining a car with an air-suspension system, try each model with and without an air suspension to assist you in making your choice.

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