The Tactical Walls ModWall Is Perfect For Your Vault Room

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Tactical Walls is most well known for their diversion safes, like the Issue Box and their hollow shelves. However they also have created an awesome wall hanging system for all of your firearms, which would go awesome after installing a budget vault door.

[Image courtesy of Tactical Walls]

So what is the ModWall system?

The ModWall is basically a wall covering that has a railing system built into it. It allows you to be able to slide different accessories into and out of it with ease.

These accessories range from shelves, rifle and pistol hangers, helmet hangers and so much more.

How do you install the ModWall?

The ModWall is extremely easy to install with a tape measure and a screw driver. However I would probably recommend a stud finder as well.

What is the ModWall made from?

Each panel is made from HDPE plastics. They say it is heavy duty enough to not get damaged, but soft enough to not damage your firearms. To give you a good idea of how it is built, each panel is about 40 pounds and is 48″ wide by 22″ tall and 1/2″ deep.

Can I buy a starter pack instead of everything separately?

Yes, of course. They offer the Patriot package right now that should include everything you need to get started. At the time of this writing it is $339.

So who is this for?

The Modwall is for those who have a vault room and are ready to build it out. It is super easy to install, and has all the available accessories you may need in the future.

It isn’t for those that don’t have a vault door, I would recommend a gun safe instead. That way your firearms don’t get stolen off the wall.


This would be a fun project and a great way to both store, and display your firearms in a unique way.

Make sure to always stay safe, and think through your safety before installing something like this.

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