The Bodum Travel Press Is A French Press On-The-Go

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Have you ever wanted that French Press tasting coffee, but just never seem to have the time to allow it to steep in your french press before you leave for the morning. Well, the Bodum Travel Press has you covered!

This Travel Press brings together the travel mug and the french press. That way you can extract the coffee in the car, and then push down the plunger after it is done to push the grounds to the bottom of the mug.

It creates that great French Press tasting coffee, but you don’t have to wait around in your kitchen waiting for it to finish.

For more information on how to correctly make a great french press cup off coffee, that you can then apply to the Travel Press, read this article where I go over the steps.


This is a really cool mug that I personally own and enjoy. The main downside to this, is that if you don’t drink it quick enough you’ll end up over extracting the grounds. Outside of that, it is super usable.

I might also recommend looking into an Aeropress if you don’t have time at home, this is something you could easily use at work.

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