The Captain 30 Is A High End Yeti Competitor

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Do you ever stand in the store looking at a Yeti Cooler and wish there was another option? This cooler from Revelry Supply may be that perfect solution!

The Captain offers a combination of awesome aesthetics, and usability.


  • Waterproof materials, leakproof lid, and waterproof welded seams to keep the cold in, and other stuff out.
  • 4 cup holders on the lid to be used when at the beach, or out in the wilderness. Can’t go wrong with cup holders.
  • 24 hour cold rating, to make sure that your drinks are at their best temperature all the time.
  • Bottle opener attached. It’s not one of those fixed bottle openers, but rather one on a lanyard type thing, that way you can easily use it at any angle.

Best uses?

This cooler would be best used for trips to the beach, camping, or anywhere that isn’t quite too far from the vehicle!

It would be perfect for storing food that you are going to be grilling on your grill (like this one).

What I like?

I really like the styling of this cooler, and the usability of it. I am not quite sure why I like cup holders so much (maybe because most of my early cars didn’t have them), but it is great to see them on the lid of this unit.

My personal favorite color is the green version, but it also does come in white as well!

Need somewhere to use the cooler? Might want to take a look at 57Hours and find an adventure. If you need a bigger cooler for that journey, maybe this cooler will work?

If you want to get one for yourself, make sure to follow the link below!

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