The CleanKey Mini Is The CleanKey You Need

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A while back we featured the original CleanKey, and people really enjoyed it! During the times we live in, it’s important to feel safe when you are touching surfaces that may have germs on it. The CleanKey helped with that!

[Image courtesy of KeySmart]

However for those that didn’t like the size, and wanted it to be able to be added to your existing KeySmart (like what I have), you wanted something a bit smaller.

That is where the Clean Key Mini comes in! It will easily fit onto a key ring, or KeySmart and is incredibly compact. You can use it to push elevator buttons, tap on screens, and even sign your signature at the store.

[Image courtesy of KeySmart]

The CleanKey Mini is made from copper, meaning it is considered antimicrobial, and resists germs.

At a reasonable price, the CleanKey Mini is something you should keep on your person. It also doesn’t have any moving parts, meaning the small investment should last a lifetime.

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