The CleanLight Air: Killing germs one fan at a time

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Wow, KeySmart has been pushing out some serious products lately! First there was the CleanKey, then the CleanTray, the CleanLight Mini, and now of course the CleanLight Air!

So what is the CleanLight Air? It builds on the UVC light idea, where the light is able to kill up to 99.99% of germs.

What makes the CleanLight Air unique is the ability to use its Hepa filter, to not only filter the air, but also draw in air to the unit, and then use the UVC light to sanitize it.

This would be perfect for those that want to keep an eye on their air quality in the office, bedroom, or other smaller rooms in your home.

Another awesome bonus feature? It can be used for Aromatherapy, and it is able to charge your cell phone. Not really related features… but both cool.

Make sure to visit KeySmart’s website by clicking the button below to learn more and to purchase.

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