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I have been enjoying backpacks, and every day carry items a lot more lately, and I stumbled upon a really cooler company called Revelry Supply! They offer high end, extremely nice luggage, bags, and even really nice coolers.

However one of my favorite items I have found on their site so far is The Drifter!

So what is it?

The Drifter is a rolltop backpack with tons of storage! One of the great things about a rolltop backpack in general is the ability to adjust how much storage you have in the pack.

If you need more storage, you just unroll the top, and bam, you have access to more storage! Don’t need as much, roll it up a bit and you don’t have as much bulk.

The backpack is also water resistant, lockable, has extra inner hidden pockets, laptop divider, and more.

One important aspect is the presence of a chest strap… I recently realized my current backpack doesn’t have that, and really wish it did.


Yes I know, who knew backpacks could have specifications, well here they are!

  • Dimensions:  20″ High by 13″ Wide by 6″ Deep
  • Volume: 23 Liters
  • Colors: 8 different colors ranging from canvas, to camo

Who is this for?

This backpack likely wouldn’t work great for someone that just needs it to just go short distances.

It is meant for those that go on trips, ride motor cycles or bikes, hiking, walking to work, etc.


I personally really things this backpack is awesome! I want it, and you should probably just go ahead and get it.

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