The KeySmart Mini Is A Compact Key Organizer

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Keeping my keys organized has suprisingly become a really big deal since I got my first KeySmart years ago. It is so much better, because you don’t have to deal with keys jingling around, and bunched up keys wearing your pockets out.

[Image courtesy of KeySmart]

KeySmart has been making awesome key organizers like the Rugged version I am using now, as well as the PRO. However all of them have been relatively the same size, and usabilty.

That has all changed!

They now offer a much smaller KeySmart called the Mini. Instead of it being two plates of metal that are screwed together, it is a black thermoplastic polyurethane band that wraps itself a round a single set of keys.

[Image courtesy of KeySmart]

It still is just as easy to use, and probably easier to put the keys themselves on the KeySmart.

At an even more competitive price than the rest of the options from this company, it is an awesome option. Great for gifts, great for yourself.

Where to buy it?

You can buy the KeySmart Mini by purchasing directly from the manufacturer by clicking the button at the bottom of this post. It is under $15 and is an awesome value.


Have you always wanted to organize your keys, but just didn’t know how? The KeySmart Mini is a great solution for you. I really enjoy my KeySmart, and I can’t imagine how compact this one must be.

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