The Switch by ISLE

The Switch by ISLE: Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard 2-in-1

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If you’re like me, you love going out on the water in the summer. There’s just something about being on the water, looking at the shore, and taking in nature from a whole new perspective.

I’ve been an on-and-off kayaker for a few years, but last year was my first time trying a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP). There’s definitely a bit of a learning curve, but you can get the hang of it pretty quickly.

But I’ve been hesitant to get yet another big toy to haul around and store (for crying out loud, my bright orange kayaks are still laying around my yard).

And if you’ve ever had to haul around multiple kayaks or SUPs, you know it’s a time investment to get everything strapped in and secure.

Enter The Switch by ISLE.

The Switch by ISLE

This 2-in-1 kayak and stand up paddleboard not only allows you to have one device, so to speak, that converts into whichever item you want for the day; but it’s also inflatable, meaning it’s easier to store and take with you.

Product Overview

ISLE has long been known for their inflatable and hard board paddleboards. With the introduction of The Switch, they have launched probably their most versatile product yet, since this paddleboard can also be converted into a kayak. With four different configurations, this product solves many consumer needs, and is made with the same high quality standards that ISLE is known for.


One of the great things about The Switch is not just that it’s both a kayak and a SUP, but that you can also use either of those configurations as a single person or a tandem (two person).

Single Person Kayak

The single person kayak configuration means just setting up one seat. The straps for the seat essentially just hook into the board. So it’s a quick set-up. You can see this in the image below.

The seat strap hooks into the board, making it an easy and quick set-up. [Photo courtesy of ISLE]

Tandem Kayak

For the random (or two-person) configuration, you have a couple options. You can either have both seats installed facing the same way:

One of the tandem kayak configurations with both seats pointing forward. [Image courtesy of ISLE]

Or you can choose to install the front seat facing back, meaning that the two seats are facing each other. This could be nice for a more leisurely adventure, or if you have a younger kayaker with you who might want to see your reassuring face that the waters aren’t that scary after all.

Another tandem kayak configuration with the seats facing each other. [Image courtesy of ISLE]

Single Person Paddleboard

Probably the easiest configuration since there’s not much needed here. Just grab your paddle and go!

Tandem Paddleboard

When I saw this on their spec sheet, I was intrigued! We see a lot of paddleboarders in our neck of the woods, but never have I seen a two-person SUP. This could be a lot of fun, but make sure you trust your partner’s balance… or hopefully you’re not afraid of falling in.

The Switch Specs & Dimensions

If you like specs (like I do), here’s what you need to know: The length of The Switch is 11’ 6”. The weight is a mere 19 lbs and it has a capacity of 425 lbs.

Since this is an inflatable kayak/SUP, the weight is going to be less than a pure plastic option, which is, of course, nice for hauling around.

The Switch comes in two color options: The Aqua/Navy (which you can check out here), and the Seafoam/Navy (see it here).

[Photo courtesy of ISLE]

Since The Switch is inflatable, it comes in a carrying case (like a backpack) that makes it easy to take to even the most remote locations.

The Switch carrying case backpack [Photo courtesy of ISLE]


We’re excited about this new product, as it solves quite a few problems. If you’re into watersports and don’t want to have to choose between a stand up paddleboard and a kayak, this just may be the option for you! Check out The Switch on their website for fun colors and more details about this cool product.

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