Top 3 Father’s day Gift Ideas 2019

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Father’s day is coming up! That means everyone is scrambling to find those Father’s day Gift Ideas for 2019. Luckily over the past year I have reviewed some of my favorite products.

Many of these would be the perfect gift for a Dad! Check out my list of the top 3 gifts I would buy for my Father.

Yeti Rambler Tumbler

This Yeti Tumbler is super cool for those on the go

While an inexpensive gift overall, this is a relatively expensive mug that will last him a lifetime. These mugs keep coffee, tea, or whatever he drinks either hot or cold for a really long time.

Make sure to check out my full review of this Yeti mug here! Hint: This is still my go-to travel mug as of this writing.

Lego Technic Cheverolet Corvette ZR1

Lego Technica Corvette’s are very awesome

Every Dad is a little bit childish, and they also like to build things. This Corvette is the perfect in between. It doesn’t take too long to build, and then they can display it on their desk for as long as they want.

I had a lot of fun building this one, make sure to check out my review of it here. This would make a perfect Father’s day Gift Idea this 2019.

Another great option is this Police Pursuit version, which is a bit cheaper.

Browning Portable Pistol Vault

This small safe is a great value

For any father that has a firearm and is on the go, the Browning Portable Pistol Vault may be the perfect inexpensive gift for him. This offers 16 gauge steel, and a portable design.

For more info, I have a full review here!

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