The Tracker Safe TS24 And TS Series Are An Awesome Value

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Tracker Safes may not be a huge household name yet in the gun safe industry, however they offer one of the best values for a safe out there. One of their most popular safes is the TS24, a 12 gauge, 425 pound, 30″ wide safe that can be bought for under $1000.

Tracker Safe recently sent me over some great things that you can learn about them, however what they didn’t mention is the crazy amount of steel you get for the price.

12 gauge steel is comparable to the Browning Sporter Series, which is one of my go-to values in safes. For example, while the Tracker is under $1000, the comparable Browning SP23 is sitting close to $1400.

The TS24 is just a part of the lineup that Tracker offers in their TS line.

All of the safes in the TS lineup include:

  • Steel Thickness: 12 gauge welded body
  • Lock Options: Electronic or Mechanical
  • Fire rating: 30 minutes
  • Handle type: Lever
  • Security Features: Pre-drilled bolt holes, re-locker, hard plate, external hinges.
  • Aesthetic Features: Gray finish, gray interior, adjustable shelves,

The lock options

I want to talk a little bit more about the locks on a Tracker Safe. While Tracker Safes are imported (for now anyways) they import them in without the lock, and then install them here.

This means that you get the quality control here in the USA for the most important part of your safe, the lock.

The other awesome thing, is this allows for them to have a mechanical lock option. Not a ton of manufacturers that import their safes tend to have this option.


If you are looking at the Tracker TS Safes, some of their main competitors would be Steelwater, Browning, Bighorn (Kokiak), and probably Hollon. All of these tend to give a great value to the dollar, and are going to have import options.


  • Awesome value
  • Lock installed in the USA
  • Huge array of sizes for every need
  • 12 gauge steel is great
  • Has a mechanical lock option


  • Imported safe body
  • Fire rating could be better
  • Doesn’t include door panel


All of Tracker Safe’s full size safes are quickly becoming one of my favorite go-to safes on the market. After spending some time learning more about them, they may start to find their way onto more of my lists of best safes, especially for the money.

If you are shopping for a safe, and are on a budget, it might be worth looking at these ones.

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