Tremor – The Newly Announced Off-Road Trim for Ford Super Duty

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Ford just announced a new trim called “Tremor” for the Super Duty trucks, that I feel like will be the new popular trim for… well anywhere that there is dirt.

The new Tremor trim offers:

  • Off road running boards
  • 35 inch off road tires
  • Super Duty trail control
  • Rock crawl mode
  • 18″ Matte Black Wheels
  • 2″ front end lift
  • Shorter air dam
  • Tuned rear stabilizer bar
  • Custom 1.7-inch piston twin-tube dampers
  • Tremor trucks equipped with the 7.3-liter gas engine have a 53:1 crawl ratio while those equipped with the 6.7-liter diesel engine have a 44:1 crawl ratio.
Tremor Towing
[Image courtesy of Ford]

Who is this truck great for?

This new trim is perfect for anyone that plans on modifying their F-250 or F-350 for off roading. It already has most upgrade that you would want to do, and then you are even able to roll it into your financing.

Ford does also say it has some great departure angles and is build to ford through water.

Basically, anyone that plans on taking their HD truck off-road should consider this.

Super Duty rock crawling
[Image courtesy of Ford]

Who this Tremor trim truck isn’t meant for

From what I can tell, the pricing hasn’t been announced for the new trim. However you can bet it won’t be cheap.

This truck won’t be for those that are trying to inexpensively get a truck that can tow. However Ford has plenty of other versions of this truck that will work better for those.

This truck is also not for those who want a big vehicle… for those, maybe the new Mustang trim would be a good option?

Tremor wheels
Can’t go wrong with black on black wheels [Image courtesy of Ford]

What does the new Tremor trim compete with

This truck is very much going head to head with Ram’s PowerWagon. Someday I would like to get these two truck to go head-to-head and see who is the best.

Gif of Tremor rock crawling
Alright, this is just a cool gif [Gif courtesy of Ford]


I don’t know about you guys, but these trucks look pretty much exactly like every modified Super Duty I have seen out there. Which means, we’ll probably start seeing more, now that people are able to roll their favorite modifications into their loan.

This is a great look, and honestly a great idea on Ford’s side.

This would personally be my Super Duty trim of choice if I were to shop today. Or you know, the one they released at SEMA.

Want to look more into the Super Duty trucks, take a look at them on Ford’s website.

Gif of water crossing
Another cool Gif from Ford [Gif courtesy of Ford]

Need something that is awesome off-road like the new Tremor level but want it smaller? Might want to take a look at the Gladiator.

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